I used to be a real lazy bum when it came to painting my nails. I thought 2-3 coats of lacquer was all I needed, and then I would moan when it chipped or cracked. Over the last few months I have been experimenting with base coats and top coats, which now I would never go without, but it wasn’t easy finding one I liked.

When I came across this Orly base coat I really liked the sound of it. The name alone, Bonder, sounds exactly like what I was looking for. Something to bond my nails to the lacquer.

What I Say ….

At first I was a little worried how orange it looked going on my nails. Even though it goes under lacquer I was concerned it would stain …. and I have NEVER had stained nails. I moved past this fear and kept going. I apply a single coat to each nail, as per the instructions, and it still surprises me how quickly it dries. It has just gone into Autumn here in Australia, and it has been boiling hot in Sydney, but it dries in about 1 minute, which to me is super quick. When it is dry it feels kinda ‘rubbery’. When I try to run my finger over my nail it gets a bit ‘draggy’. I liken the feeling to dragging your foot over a rubber yoga mat.

Applying nail polish over the base coat has become a lot smoother process. Depending on the lacquer I am using, I find the colour is a lot more intense, I need less coats, and the finish is a lot smoother. Best of all it really feels like it grips the lacquer and when used with a base coat, I can get 3-4 days out of a manicure. That is a good amount of time for me because I am pretty tough with my nails. I use them to open EVERYTHING.

While using Bonder I have found I have had no staining at all, which was my concern based on its colour. In fact, when I don’t use Bonder I get staining (thanks to all the swatching I do), so it proves that you really have to use a base coat if you don’t want horrible yellow nails!

What Orly Says ….

ORLY Bonder is a unique rubberised basecoat that grips to the nail surface for lasting adhesion. It helps make lacquer flexible to prevent chipping, yellowing and colour stains by creating a protective layer over the bare nail. It also improves colour durability, allowing wear to extend to two weeks.

To use, apply one coat under ORLY nail lacquer.

ORLY products are 3 free.


AU $19.95 rrp from Orly, pharmacies, selected salons and spas.

US $7.49 from Sally Beauty or US $9.00 from Ulta

UK £8.95 from Powder Puff (International Shipping available)

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