I know it has been quite a while since I last updated you on my own progress at DMK. Ok, so 2 months, but it has been for good reason. Well, an average reason. You see, I didn’t want to spoil the exciting final results by showing you continuous progress photos. But don’t worry, I have been taking them and all will be revealed when I finish up my treatments in a couple of weeks.

This post is slightly different though because over the past 2 weeks I have been undergoing a special treatment just for my eyes. Before I get into it I do have to say that since starting my DMK skincare regiment, the dark circles have reduced dramatically, but mine were quite severe to start with so they needed some extra firepower to really make a difference.

NOTE: All images are taken in natural light. Click to enlarge.

What Is The Bihaku Treatment?

The best way I can describe this treatment is as a Baby Peel. I guess you could say it is the most gentle peel you can have at a clinic. To put it simply, Bihaku is a skin brightening treatment that removes dead skin cells, but also works beneath the surface to rebuild the skin by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. As per normal, I won’t go into all the scientific mumbo jumbo because that can be read here.

The treatment itself is an ‘at-home’ kit that you use between clinic treatments. The formula used in the clinic once a week is much stronger, and the one you take home is a little weaker but you use it every night for 5 nights. It is mostly designed for people to use on their entire face for pigmentation issues, but because my problems were limited to just my eyes, that was the only place I had to do it.

The product is put into plastic syringes to make measuring out the nightly dose easier. I was put on 1ml each night, which might not sound like a lot but when you are only applying it to your eyes it is actually quite a bit.

The Bihaku Kit

The Application & Regime

In the clinic it is quite simple, I lie back and Elisha, my skin therapist, does her thing.

Straight after my first Clinic application – FACE

Straight after my first Clinic application – EYES

When it came to my home routine things changed a little. Usually I apply all my serums & creams the exact same way each morning and night. With the introduction of this Bihaku treatment, I was to continue as per usual but avoid my eye area at night, because that is where the Bihaku goes.

The first round of treatment, once a night for 5 nights, was pretty tame. I didn’t feel anything the first couple nights but on the third night I could feel a bit of stinging. The fourth and fifth night I could really feel the ‘burn’, but after a minute or so the discomfort was over.

On the 3rd day of Bihaku Treatment – FACE

On the 3rd day of Bihaku Treatment – EYES

The most noticeable difference during these 5 days was how much darker the skin around my eyes became. Darkening of the skin is actually a really good sign, so I was really happy when that started to kick in.

The skin around my eyes is noticeably darker on Day 4 – FACE

The skin around my eyes is noticeably darker on Day 4 – EYES

We Have Lift Off

After this first set, I returned to the DMK clinic to have my first ‘lift off’. The ‘lift off’ refers to the Enzyme Treatment (as shown in my mothers Remodelling Procedure day 5 photos) which helps to breakdown the dead skin that is now ready to come off. There is no pain or discomfort with this treatment, it is actually quite relaxing, but you can definitely feel where the ‘new’ skin is because it gets super tight as the Enzyme Treatment dries. There is also a little bit of irritation and inflammation afterwards but it went down within one day.

The results were pretty good after this first ‘lift off’ but Elisha felt there was still some more to come off, so she sent me home with another dose of the Bihaku.

Straight after the first ‘lift off’ – FACE

Straight after the first ‘lift off’ – EYES

Round 2

This time I was only going to do it once a day for 3 days, but dear god, those 3 days were mighty painful. Now that the skin was so much fresher, applying the Bihaku treatment felt like I was having Piranhas eat my skin for a couple minutes. My eyes watered for another 5 minutes once the burning stopped but after that it was back to normal. I was so glad on the morning after the third treatment, finally, the nightly torture was over.

2nd day of Round 2 – FACE

2nd day of Round 2 – EYES

It was back to the DMK clinic for a final ‘lift off’ to see what we have been left with.

The Results

After the second ‘lift off’ the results were clearly visible. My eyes are almost a normal colour!!

Straight after the second Enzyme Treatment – FACE

Straight after the second Enzyme Treatment – EYES

The Bihaku treatment was one of my final steps in my DMK journey but soon I will reveal to you all the final results, and I have to tease that my skin has NEVER been more amazing.

I can’t wait to share with you the final Before and Afters. Weeeeeee!


For more information on the DMK Bihaku Treatment contact your local clinic.

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