I know I always ramble on about my cracked, flaky lips but today I did something about it. I tried The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ.

This product isn’t new to the market, or even been relaunched, or anything news worthy. It is just one of those cult favourites that beauty editors seem to keep to themselves. Shame on you! I found this product when I was browsing my beloved Adore Beauty shopping site (which is quickly taking over from my Sephora browsing time, mind you!).

The Lip Scrub was listed in a great selection of flavours. It actually took me about 20 minutes just to pick one, and that is very strange for me because I am such an impulse buyer. On offer was Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar (no thought required there, I hate cinnamon), Almond Creme and Cocoa. Four seriously delicious flavours and one not so delicious in my view (but hey if you like that sort of thing)!

My choice in the end was Brown Sugar. Perfect for a sweet (*toothed) girl like me. Just looking at it after opening the pot made me want to grab a spoon and dig in. I didn’t want to waste it by rubbing it on my face. I wanted to eat it! I restrained myself though and dug out a large wad of it. The instructions say to use a generous amount but I think I was too generous. I guess generous doesn’t mean the size of a teaspoon?

I rubbed it on my lips in circular motions (as per the instructions) and a little extra around my lips because I am a doofus and can’t stay between the lines. The particles are literally fresh brown sugar so they are a nice small size and not too abrasive on the delicate lip area. The more I rubbed the warmer the scrub got causing the little bits of sugar to melt slightly. I don’t know whether I was aiming for the inside of my mouth or it just happened to run in there but it tasted amazing.

The instructions say to just wipe it off with a tissue when you are finished but seeing as though I made such a mess, I decided to rinse it. Once you get water on it there is a very waxy feeling that comes through, similar to trying to rinse off Vaseline. I rinsed the area until there was no sign of the sugar, but I felt there was no point trying to rinse the Vaseline feel off. It took a couple hours for that waxy feeling to go away but it wasn’t visible or anything, just something that I didn’t really care for.

The product worked amazingly though. My lips did remain hydrated for a while after (probably because of the Vaseline type stuff in it), all my flaky bits were gone and my lips super smooth. I feel the product isn’t too strong for daily use on dry lips like mine, but for someone who doesn’t have issues with flaking I think it would be great for pre-lipstick preparation.

Oh and the 30g pot will last a lifetime, even with daily use.


AU $29.95 from Adore Beauty (International Shipping available)

US $24.00 from Bluemercury

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