Did you read our About pages and want to know a little more about The Plastic Diaries Beauty Blog? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below and if you can’t find an answer please feel free to contact us.

More About Us

Which social media networks do you use?

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTubeBellashootBeautylishTumblr and StumbleUpon. If you have another social media network you would like to see us use, let us know!

Kimberly claims to be a proud vegan, so why does she write about products that are tested on animals?

While I’m personally a devoted vegan, I also understand that everyone has different beliefs. When starting this blog I had three key principles, one of which was “Education is key”. I believe in providing all the information and letting people make their own decisions about what is right for them. This includes the good and the bad information.

Often I share posts on vegan and cruelty-free thoughts and finds, but it is more important for me to provide an unbiased approach to reviews, brands and products so that you get the most out of my posts. This is why you will find an Animal Cruelty Policy section and Ingredients list in each of the product reviews. It is also why I do, and will continue to, write educational posts that get to the heart of the beauty industry, such as our feature on animal testing.

Of course I would love every human in this world to be vegan, but I do not feel this blog is the place for me to sprout my rants. I created this blog with the intention of helping women to look and feel their best so that will remain the top priority. As this blog was created long before my discovery of veganism I feel it is important to stick to the core messaging that was originally designed.

How do you choose which topics/products to write about?

We like to think there is a dramatic scientific equation behind what we choose to write about but the truth is we write what ever captures our attention and makes us think, “this will make our readers look and/or feel good”. It might be something we purchased during a recent trip to the supermarket, it could be something Kimberly has been lusting after for months, it could be something sent to us from a business we had never heard of or it could be a brainwave we have in the middle of the night (this is most common source of our editorial ideas).

Inspiration is everywhere and we often find it in the most peculiar places.

Our Photos

How do you take your swatch and product photos?

All swatches and product images are taken in natural daylight without a flash unless otherwise stated. We endeavour to capture the most true-to-life colour images. We do not Photoshop the images (mostly because we don’t know how to do it) and the only modifications we make to the photos are occasionally cropping/resizing.

We use a Canon 60D DSLR with a Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 lens or an EFS 18-135mm lens. Occasionally there will be photos we have taken with our iPhones or a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP1, usually when we are out & about or at events.

Can I use your photos?

Promotional imagery, which are photos provided by brands themselves and not photos exclusively taken for this website, are allowed to be reposted as long as there is a link back to http://www.theplasticdiaries.com. Photos that are taken for use on The Plastic Diaries, by us or any other party, require written permission from us. If you wish to use any photos you have seen on The Plastic Diaries please contact us to request permission BEFORE you repost. If you are caught to be using our images without permission we will issue a DMCA takedown without notifying you. Further information regarding use of our photos or any other work can be found in our Terms of Use.

Why don’t you watermark your images?

We believe clear, uninterrupted photos are more important to this blog and your enjoyment than protecting our work. We rather put the trust in society that you can enjoy our work without stealing it. We hope we will never have to resort to watermarking.

Blog Topics

Why do you have a travel/fashion/health section on a beauty blog?

At The Plastic Diaries we believe beauty isn’t limited to makeup and nail polish. Our philosophy is this – If you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you look good – so we cover everything that addresses your inner and outer beauty. Spa treatments, a good outfit, a relaxing holiday, a delicious healthy meal – these are all things that make women look and feel good but we all need a little help to find what works for us as individuals. The Plastic Diaries aims to do all of that.

What is The Style Diaries?

The Style Diaries is a section under the Fashion category that was created by the founder, Kimberly Nissen. Born out of her own struggles with fashion, she shares her trials & triumphs and asks readers to assist in making the hard decisions. Whether you are style savvy or a walking fashion faux-pas, you will relate to these posts at one time or another.

Do you write about beauty for men as well?

Occasionally we will feature posts for men when relevant but this is usually limited to holiday specials and gift-giving pieces. We like to stick to what we know so 98% of the time it’s beauty content for females.


Refer to our Review Disclosures & Policies for all information relating to review-related content editorial and social media post.

All other policies relating to the running and use of The Plastic Diaries can be found on our Terms of Use page, including but not limited to our comment, privacy and copyright policies.

Do you accept sponsored content, advertising or use affiliates?

Around this website you may see a few advertisements, affiliates and sponsorships. Please read our Review Disclosures & Policies to completely understand how they are used, why and when. These are not there for us to get rich, but in order to run this website and produce the extremely entertaining content that we do (ha!), we need to recoup some of the costs. These items do not dictate the content on this website.

All advertisements are identifiable as advertisements, and are kept to a minimum at all times. Affiliate links will be used occasionally but only where and when they fit in with already produced content. Sponsored content may appear occasionally, and will be clearly disclosed.

If you enjoy The Plastic Diaries, please support us by supporting our advertisers and affiliates.

Do you disclose?

We have believed disclosure is an essential part of the blogger and influencer job long before there was any traction in this profession. It has been a core part of The Plastic Diaries since day 1 and we urge you to familiarise yourself with the complete Review Disclosures & Policies we abide by.

How can I write a guest post for The Plastic Diaries?

At this time we do not accept guest posts from third parties.

For Businesses

How should I work with bloggers? Do you operate the same as traditional media?

Bloggers are a completely different entity to traditional journalists and writers. There is no simple response to this question and successfully working with bloggers requires a deeper understanding of what we do and why we do it. Before you take another step, you should absolutely read the eBook – The Essential Beginners’s Guide To Working With Bloggers. It gives you everything you need to successfully work with bloggers.

How can I get my product/service written about on your blog?

We currently do not work with third parties for creating content.

If you wish to simply submit your product for editorial consideration please understand the following notes. We cannot guarantee mentions or reviews for submitted products. If your product is featured on this website or via our social media channels we will do so as we see fit and at our full discretion. Your product may be grouped with other products which may or may not include your competitors. Unfortunately samples are unable to be returned and products submitted for consideration are not guaranteed any editorial mentions. If you do wish the submitted product to be sent back to you if deemed unsuitable for our editorial needs, please include a self-addressed prepaid satchel. We DO NOT allow or accept products/gift vouchers in exchange for editorial coverage/reviews, this is considered bribery and we will not partake nor respond to such requests.

If you are ready to submit product for editorial consideration you can post to:
Parcel Locker 10028 06070
16-20 Bulli Street

Will you run a giveaway/competition for my business?

Not at this time.

How do I advertise on your blog?

We have currently suspended advertising (including sponsored content) on our site and are using affiliate banners in the meantime.

How do I get my event listed in your Events Calendar? 

It’s currently FREE to have your upcoming event, sale or special offer listed in our Events Calendar. Only events relevant to the beauty, women’s fashion and lifestyle fields will be accepted. All you need to do is have your event listed on Facebook and then
email us
the link for your chance to be listed. It can take up to 5 days for the listing to be published so please ensure you submit your request in a timely manner.

Can you host or speak at my event?

Not at this time.

Last Updated 30 November 2016

Professional beauty blogger Kimberly Nissen of The Plastic Diaries shares her personal blogger burnout advice and tips.

This article is Part 1 of a three-part series about my personal experience with Blogger Burnout – My Demise + My Recovery + My Future

In Part 1 of my Blogger Burnout story I shared about how my 5+ year blogging career was blown apart. In Part 2, I shared with you the work I put in to learning some big lessons. Now, in Part 3, I’m going to share what happened as a result of my blogger burnout and absence, and what the future may hold for The Plastic Diaries. I have some important blogger burnout advice and let’s not forget, like all trilogies, the third instalment is the best, right?  Continue Reading

Professional beauty blogger Kimberly Nissen of The Plastic Diaries shares her personal blogger burnout recovery story and experience

This articles is Part 1 of a three part series about my personal experience with Blogger Burnout – My Demise + My Recovery + My Future

In Part 1 of my Blogger Burnout story I shared about how my 5+ year blogging career was run into the ground. In this post, Part 2, I’m going share with you what took place after burning out. I’ll share the journey of my blogger burnout recovery and how rebuilding a life meant destroying it a little more first.  Continue Reading

Professional beauty blogger Kimberly Nissen of The Plastic Diaries shares her personal blogger burnout story and experience

This article is Part 1 of a three-part series about my personal experience with Blogger Burnout – My Demise + My Recovery + My Future

I started The Plastic Diaries in 2008, became a full-time blogger in 2010 and vanished from the blogging universe in 2015. Where did I go? Why? What happened to me? These are questions that have been asked of me during my 18+ month disappearance. The short answer was blogger burnout – a rarely spoken of condition that is fast becoming a serious concern amongst the influencer industry. Have you ever followed a blogger and notice that one day they have just disappeared? Their blog stopped posting new content, their social media went untouched – it happens often. In my almost 9 years of blogging I have lost count of the bloggers that have come and gone, most of which I have no idea why or where they went.

Upon my return to blogging at the end of last year I’ve put off explaining what exactly occurred in my life. I confided in a few select friends and trusted individuals about my story but I’ve brushed over it with the wider community by saying the cause was “personal stuff”. I don’t believe bloggers owe anyone an explanation when they disappear but I know that when my favourites have gone AWOL I’ve missed them and been concerned for their wellbeing. I didn’t want to be another blogger who vanished without a trace and leave you wondering. I also believe Continue Reading

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