I have a little sneaky peaky for you!! I don’t think I have mentioned this on the blog yet, but I have a strange addiction to swimwear. Even when I hate my body shape (which is often!), I can’t help but buy fabulous swimwear. Being in Australia, I am lucky enough to have access to some of the most amazing swimwear in the world. I swear, Australians are the best swimwear makers. One brand I have loved since they launched is Baku Australia. Today I have some preview snaps of the brand new Summer 2013 collection. 

This campaign stars Victoria’s Secret Angel, Ana Beatriz Barros, and was shot at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico by photographer Max Doyle. One of the reasons I love Ana Beatriz Barros is that she has the figure I want. She is not super duper skinny with bones pointing out everywhere. She has shape, she has boobs and best of all, she doesn’t have hideously over exercised muscles. She is womanly.

As for the swimwear, the colours and prints are fantastic. So bright and playful, perfect for summer on any beach across the globe. Except perhaps England where it is always grey skies and pebbles.

Stockist Details

Baku Australia is available from leading swimwear retailers and online at ASOS

What do you think of the swimwear collection? What do you think of Ana Beatriz Barros? Let me know by commenting below!


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