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I may not know much about buying clothes/shoes/accessories, or how to team them up to make a stylish outfit, but I do now how to make them last decades. I have always been one to care for my belongings. I know money doesn’t grow on trees and I like my things to be pristine condition when possible, so I learnt from a young age that if you want your fashion buys to last, you have to care for them.

I am going to tell you how I care for the contents of my closet but I would love to hear any tips you may have as well so leave a comment at the end.

Lilly Brush

A good fabric brush is vital to maintain jumpers, knits, sweaters, cardigans and even some tips and pants. Pilling is one of my most hated things in life, it can make a nearly new knit look old well before is time. I like the Lilly Brush because unlike other fabric brushes, this one doesn’t seem to create more pills. It can be used on all natural fibers and the nylon brush bristles are soft enough to not snag. It also works wonders on pet hair and that is a big bonus for me. I also love that it has a secure lid to keep the brush from getting dusty or dirty when not in use, and it is extremely light so it is perfect for traveling as well.

Available for USA $12.95 from Lilly Brush and Annie’s Catalog

Lilly Brush Red

Moisture Absorber

Moisture is a bitch, and even if your house doesn’t have a damp problem you are still likely to have a bit of moisture in your closet. For one, shoes track moisture in all the time from just sweating in them and walking on wet pavement or grass. When you put your shoes away you are basically leaving that moisture to sit in your closet and without much ventilation it can easily turn to mould. Then you have your clothes, again there is sweating, rain or putting away clothes that are not completely dry. Even if you don’t have mould you may notice your clothes have a funny scent, or it can start breaking down certain fibers in your clothes and shoes. Point is, moisture = bad.

It can be easily taken care of though with a moisture absorber. I personally use the Hippo or DampRid Moisture Absorber but you could make your own using silica crystals. As the crystals absorb the moisture they turn into a liquid and you simply empty the catchment tray as it fills up. You would be surprised how quickly those crystals turn to liquid but I find I need to empty mine once a month.

Australia – Available from Bunnings

USA – Available from Drugstore.com, The Container Store and Buy.com

Jewellery Boxes

I think the key to keeping jewellery in great condition, even costume jewellery and cheap fake stuff, is to keep them locked away. Leaving them out in the open lends to treating the items badly. You dump stuff on them, you carelessly move them around … it is just the quickest way to get your jewellery scratched and chipped. I personally like lots of boxes so I can separate rings from pins from bracelets, etc. My personal favourite is thick sturdy boxes with a fabric lining. They are stackable, easy to clean and you can even use them as a visual display in your dressing area.

I love the Mirrored Jewelry Boxes from West Elm.

West Elm Mirrored Jewelry Box

Clear Shoe Boxes

Clear shoe boxes are a lifesaver. They keep your shoes dust-free, scuff-free and you don’t end up throwing them around when trying to find a specific pair. I keep every single pair of shoes in their own clear shoe box and I have about 50 or so empty ones on stand-by. I guess you could say I am obsessed with them but they really do save lives. Well, lives of shoes. Available in a multitude of  sizes, you can get ones for boots, bags and hats. All mine are from Pinklily but you can get them from nearly everywhere these days.

Australia – Available from Pinklily

USA – Available from Target, Linens N Things, Light In The Box and Kohls

UK – Available from Home Storage World

How do you take care of your clothes, shoes and accessories? Let me know by commenting below!

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