I have never owned any jewellery from Swarovski before but I have long admired their work. My grandmother used to have a small collection of the Swarovski crystal animals and I was lucky enough to be able to touch them when I was little. My favourite was this cute little penguin that I have still seen in their stores today. The jewellery was something I had always dreamed of and even though they have really affordable pieces, I could never bring myself to go to a store and buy a piece of jewellery. I honestly thought the pieces were just too special for me to wear.

I was recently given this beautiful Swarovski Golden Shadow Crystal Tennis Bracelet as a gift. It is so beautiful and it is definitely the most ‘grown-up’ piece of jewellery I own. 

Stockist Details

AUS $225 from Swarovski

USA $140 from Macy’s and Swarovski

UK £97 from Swarovski

What do you think of this bracelet? What should it be worn with? Let me know by commenting below!


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