Peter Alexander Teddy Bear Onesie Catelogue Model

Onesies are all the rage right now and I had put off caving into the craze as long as possible but last week I gave in. I needed a onesie. Winter is cold and when my pyjama tops ride up while trying to sleep it is the most uncomfortable chill I can experience in the dead of night. However, there was one thing holding me back from making a onesie purchase. A childhood memory.

The last time I wore a onesie would have been when I was about 8 years old. The only memory I had of them was the difficult trip to the bathroom. You see, onesies are different for babies, they have snap closures in the crotch which makes nappy changing easy for their caregivers. But that isn’t the case for adults. As soon as you become old enough to take yourself to the toilet you get a mere zipper or buttons down the front of the torso and you are expected to strip down in the freezing cold for a simple task like going to the toilet. So this was my conundrum. Do I buy a onesie and know I will have the ultimate bliss when sleeping and hanging around the house but also freeze my butt off when I go to the bathroom? For months I said no, it wasn’t going to be worth it, but eventually caved and I started my hunt for the perfect onesie.

These are the onesies that initially took my fancy.

As you can see from my selection, none of them fit the bill and I was keen to find a onesie that didn’t require getting naked whenever nature called. The answer was right under my nose the entire time.

Peter Alexander

Enter my new found love …. the Teddy Bear Onesie.

Peter Alexander Teddy Bear Onesie Front

We’re all little kids at heart. Relive your childhood memories in this oh so sweet and comfy waffle onesie. Featuring raglan style sleeves, front press stud fastenings and let’s not forget the most important bit – a handy bottom flap!

You read that correctly – a bottom flap!!! Ok, it may sound risque and naughty but stuff that, I am thinking of pure functionality. This onesie has all the benefits of other onesies – it is warm, it is comfortable, it doesn’t ride up or fall down – and it has the extra benefit of not staying on when you need to go to the bathroom.

Peter Alexander Teddy Bear Onesie Back

All Peter Alexander’s onesies for women have this design but they come in a heap of colour choices. They are available from Peter Alexander for AUS $99.90, but they are currently having an online sale and you can get 20% off. Oh, and they ship worldwide. I purchased a Medium which fits me perfectly (not too tight, not too baggy) and they are available from sizes XXS to XL.

What do you think of my new pyjama purchase? Have you bought into the onesie craze? Let me know by commenting below!

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