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Boobs – they are an awkward thing to deal with every day. I have found that as my weight goes up, my boobs become even more troublesome. Getting dressed, finding clothes that fit and wearing a bra for hours is uncomfortable, but the one area I struggle with most is sleeping. When it comes to lying down and trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, It is like having two squishy balls mounted to your body that move where ever they want. It is something I have struggled with since my teen years but I have finally found something to help and I am excited to share it with you.

Before I reveal the magic boob controller, I want to give a little backstory for perhaps the women who don’t find their boobs that much of an inconvenience. I don’t have massive boobs. I have big boobs but they are in proportion to my body. Depending on the bra I am usually a D or DD. So not massive but big enough to get in the way. Let me explain …

You see, I know I am a perfectionist. I like to lie down, have my doona perfectly placed, my pyjamas comfortably around my body but not clinging or constricting me in any way. I love pyjamas. They have been something I collected since discovering the iconic Peter Alexander duck print flannels. But despite my love for pyjamas I have never found any that keep my boobs in place and as I get older my boobs are heading for my armpits more and more. It is horrifying, and I have even gone so far as to sleep in a sports bra but unfortunately they just feel like a vice grip on your chest after a couple of hours. And then there is the movement of the pyjamas as I sleep, twisting and moving around trying to free the bosom it has trapped inside. I end up with arm straps cutting off circulation to my arm, necklines below my breasts … my pj’s end up in every possible place but sitting comfortably where they should.

After a quarter century I had almost given up on trying to sleep comfortably. I just wanted to go to sleep and not have to manhandle my breasts into a position so I don’t feel like I am sleeping in a ball pit. Big ask? Well, not anymore. I have found the Bedtime Bra.

You may know Nearly Nude for their shapewear, and that is how I knew them too, but a while ago I was browsing their website and found the Bedtime Bra. Say what? Crazy as it sounds, it’s genius. This rather simple-looking singlet top is supposed to control your cleavage so you can look and feel younger (read: don’t stretch your boobs into further unwelcome places which leads to even saggier boobs). And after wearing it for a few months I have to absolutely agree, it does just that.

From close-up you can see the singlet isn’t as simple as you would think. The fabric is a nylon/elastane blend and it is weaved in a unique pattern across the torso I have never seen before. The straps are thin like a regular singlet top, and I would prefer them to be a little wider, but it doesn’t hinder the performance of the bra/top. Available in two sizes, Small-Medium and Medium-Large, it fits all shapes up to an 18DD bust size or 16 in clothing (Australia sizing). It is really stretchy but the remarkable thing is that unlike shapewear, it doesn’t bounce back so much that you feel restricted or suffocated. It is a snug fit, but secure … and no matter how my size varies it has maintained that same fit. Best of all, the top doesn’t ride up or move around as I toss-and-turn – dream come true!

One concern I had with this top when I initially bought it was that it would make me hot and sweaty because of the 100% synthetic fibres. I don’t know how they do it but I haven’t felt overheated once while wearing this top. During warmer nights I wear the singlet without anything on top, and as the nights get cooler I just add a long sleeve top or jumper. There is a big downside though and that is if you have flaky nails, you are guaranteed to get them caught on the top a few hundred times. I do hate that and I always have to make sure I have a nail file nearby.

So, what about my sleeping issue? Well, it is taken care of. I no longer sleep with my boobs in my armpits. I no longer have to fight with my top to keep it in place. I can go to sleep like a normal person. It is so wonderful I am planning to buy a couple more so I never have to go without one.

Nearly Nude Bedtime Bra Model in White

What Nearly Nude say ….

The Bedtime Bra is a Nearly Nude essential! Women spend every day trying to support and enhance their cleavage. The Bedtime Bra offers women the same comfort and support while they sleep. Keeping cleavages looking younger and making you feel amazing!

It is ideal to wear under your pyjamas or on its own in summer, the Bedtime Bra has special bust support, ultra hold straps and super comfy stomach support. It’s also perfect for maternity wear as there are no underwires and it’s divinely soft to wear to bed for extra hold. The Bedtime Bra can even be worn during the day as the most conformable camisole you will ever wear. Feel feminine all day & night long in the Bedtime Bra.


Australia $64.95 from The Iconic and Zodee

USA $67 from Zodee

UK $42.79 from Zodee

Do you have boob related sleep issues? Have you ever tried a special sleep-designed bra? Let me know by commenting below!

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