Bullet Journal online shopping helper ideas and inspiration

Bullet journalling (or BuJo, for the hipsters) is all the rage. After fighting it off for the last year I finally caved and started my own. In setting up my very first bullet journal I wanted to make sure I included some pages that help me with my online shopping and fashion purchases. Today I have 2 key ideas to improve our online shopping habits.

If you haven’t heard of bullet journalling or are too afraid to really look into it, I recommend having a read of the Bullet Journal website by its official creator, Ryder Carroll. It’s really a wonderful new organisational and motivational tool in my life. 

Before you order

Keep all your measurements and sizing information on one page, including country conversion.

This is the most helpful page for my online orders ???

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After you order

Don’t you hate it when your inbox is full of online order confirmations and shipping notifications? No? me neither! I love it, but it can be a nightmare to keep track of what’s coming when. Half the time I even forget what I’ve ordered. I often wonder how many times I’ve ordered something, it hasn’t arrived but I’ve not noticed.

I’ll never forget about an incoming order again with an online shopping tracker. These are my favourite layout ideas.

Tracker dei miei ordini online. Mi sa che a breve avrò bisogno di qualche altra pagina! ? Io adoro acquistare online tutto tranne vestiti e scarpe, trovo che sia molto più divertente gironzolare per i negozi con le amiche ? Voi? Cosa preferite comprare online? ?? My online orders tracker. I think I will need some other pages! ? I like buying online everything except clothes and shoes, I enjoy more going shopping with my friends ? and you? What do you like to buy online? #planwithmechallenge #leuchtturm1917 #leuchtturm #showmeyourplanner #fabercastell #staedler #tracker #bulletjournal #bujo #handlettering #handlettered #moderncalligraphy #lettering #calligraphy #calligraphyph #planner #planneraddict #plannerlove #plannernerd #handwriting #handtype #stationery #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies #bujojunkies #bulletjournallove #bujolove #bulletjournalcommunity #bulletjournalitalia #kawaiistationery

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Happy Wednesday everyone ???

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Do you Bullet Journal? How do you keep track of your online shopping habits? Let me know by commenting below!

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