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I’m very excited to be heading to a blogging conference in Dallas, Texas later this month. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been to an international conference and this one is indeed very special. rStheCon is run by rewardStyle, an exclusive network for style bloggers. I’ll tell you more about it at another time but the reason why that little fact is important to this post is because I will be heading to this conference with 199 of the most stylish bloggers in the world. It’s extremely daunting so I turned to Westfield for a little help with compiling my outfits. I’ve never used a personal stylist before but it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, I guess I was just waiting for the perfect excuse. If you’ve never tried one either let me take you behind the scenes of my styling session to show you just how easy they can make our lives – special occasion or no special occasion.

The Brief

I met with Westfield stylist Gabe Robinson at Westfield Bondi Junction to help me create 5 outfits for my conference in Dallas. It’s currently Spring at the destination and I would require 3 day looks and 2 evening looks to cover the schedule of events planned for us. From my many years experience of attending conferences I’ve learnt that I need to be comfortable as much as I need to be stylish. There is a lot of walking, standing, sitting and shlepping. I have to carry an iPad, camera, notebook and my regular personal stuff. And most importantly, conference rooms can be unpredictable temperatures so I need to dress for under- or over-powered air conditioners. Tough brief, right? Gabe didn’t think so.

Personal Styling

I’ve finally developed my sense of style to a point where I know what I do and don’t like just by looking at items. It took almost 30 years but I know now that my style is mostly feminine, classic, sophisticated and occasionally a risk-taker (especially with shoes!). Where I usually go wrong is picking items that aren’t too appropriate for the occasion, i.e. heels made for sitting when I’m going to a standing-room-only function. This is where Gabe helped me a lot.

I’m not going to reveal in this post the exact outfits we chose, you will have to wait to see them daily via Instagram when I’m at the conference. For now, take a look at my slideshow for a behind the scenes look and a few hints about the items we were looking for (if you see something you like you can purchase it directly from We emerged 4 hours later victorious with more bags than we could carry.

Coming soon, I will give you a look at what’s going in my suitcase as I pack for the conference and a week of fun in Los Angeles!

What would you wear to a blogging conference? Have you used a personal stylist service? Let me know by commenting below!

Photography: Helen Lee
Production Assistant: Sophia Phan

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