3M Futuro For Her Slim Silouhette Wrist Support

I suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome caused by RSI and because I refuse to give up blogging and using smart devices (the cause of my repetitive motion) I need to find a way to deal with the symptoms. Previously I shared a review of Futuro’s nighttime splint which definitely isn’t suitable for wearing during the day. I’ve bought a selection of daytime wrist splints but the one I’m reviewing for you today was my very first.

I’ve been wearing the Futuro for Her Slim Silhouette Wrist Support every day for over 9 months. I couldn’t be more ready to share my judgement. 

  • The slim design is clearly visible when you compare it to other wrist supports in the stores. It’s made from one piece of medium-thickness neoprene with the underside a furry fabric to secure the velcro straps.
  • This splint is adjustable but you need to purchase either a left one or a right one. This is a downside if you have a problem with both wrists as you can’t simply switch sides when your symptoms flare up. However, if you are like me and have the pain predominantly on one side this will be fine.
  • A metal splint is enclosed in a little pouch inside the glove. It easily slips out when you need to wash the glove.
  • Getting the support on is pretty easy. With all the velcro straps undone, you slide your hand into the glove. It’s in the correct position when your thumb is through the thumb-hole and metal splint rests comfortably against the palm of your hand.
  • There is an extra padded round cushion that sits at the top of the splint where it meets your palm. I find this makes it extra comfortable as it fits the contours of your hand.
  • It comes in one size but the straps make it adjustable. The larger, longer strap in the middle of the support is elastic so you can stretch it to provide a secure fit. The others are just velcro tabs so you can adjust these a little bit but not as much. However, in my case, my wrist was just too small for this support to provide a secure fit. In order to have the middle strap as tight as I would need, it would end up that the velcro tab sat only half on the furry side. This meant the half that was hanging over the neoprene would constantly catch on things and get on my nerves. The other tabs remained completely on the furry fabric.
  • The soft blue colour is quite different and a nice offering compared to the standard black and beige wrist supports. When it’s clean it looks beautiful but when it gets the slightest bit dirty it clearly shows. In my experience it would look worn after one day of use and filthy after two.
  • When you put on and remove the support it stretches the fabric little bit by little bit and also the adhesion between the rough velcro and the fluffy fabric became weaker. The way to remedy this is to wash it but it only bounces back about 80%. After 9 months the glove is still hanging in there but it’s barely supportive for me any more and the velcro tabs are coming unstitched.
  • Handwashing offers the best results and is recommended on the box. For the sake of the review I did also try putting it inside a delicates bag in a front-loader washing machine a few times, which did work effectively but proved to stretch the fabrics a little more than handwashing.
3M Futuro Wrist Support Instructions

How to put on the wrist support

What 3M says ….

Finally, a wrist support made by women for women to write, type, and move through your day with comfort and energy. The FUTURO™ For Her Slim Silhouette Wrist Support helps provide comfortable protection and moderate support to injured, weak or post-cast wrists requiring rigid stabilization. Wear all day or during activities that lead to discomfort. No matter how demanding your day, this wrist brace is up to the task.

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Have you used a wrist support? Do you have an RSI injury? Let me know by commenting below!

3M Futuro Slim Silhouette Wrist Support

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