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Barre. It’s the hottest word in fitness right now. More than a passing trend, this will be an exercise that grows to mass popularity just as we have seen with Yoga and Pilates. But what exactly is Barre? When I try to ask my Barre-loving friends what it is they generally give me the same response, “it’s like ballet exercise”. That doesn’t really tell me much so I decided to ask Australia’s reigning Barre expert and founder of Barre Body studios, Emma Seibold, to give us a bit more insight.

These are the 5 things we all need to know about Barre fitness training. 

1. You will feel muscles you’ve never felt before!

Barre body works the smaller, supportive (and often ignored) muscles as well as the larger muscle groups to fatigue, creating an all over tone and longer, leaner body. This also means that you will feel the burn like crazy!

2. It has everything you need for a total body workout in the one class

It combines yoga for strength and stretching, pilates for core strength and barre conditioning for fat burning and toning, meaning that you achieve strength, tone and fat burning/cardio in one class (the three important elements of a complete exercise program).

Barre Body Exercise

Barre Body Exercise

3. You’ll burn fat and lose weight

The interval training format means that your metabolism is elevated for hours after the class, resulting in bigger physical changes in a shorter period of time.

4. Your teacher will make you laugh like crazy and you’ll never do the same class twice

Barre body is always varied, the teachers don’t take themselves too seriously and no two classes are the same so your body is constantly challenged.

5. You don’t need special socks or fancy equipment – just your lovely self!

All you need to do is come along and be prepared to have a really great workout and lots of fun!

Emma Seibold

Emma Seibold

About Emma Seibold

Emma Seibold is a certified yoga & pilates teacher, holistic health & nutrition coach & former gymnast. In 2009 Emma founded the cult juice detox program – Urban Remedy Cleanse, which continues to thrive. The concept was new to Australia and took off to such an extent that, in just a few short years, Emma was able to hand over the reigns and pour her energies into motherhood and her latest venture, Barre Body.

Opening in early 2012, Barre Body was born from two things: the birth of Emma’s first child, Xavier, in August 2011 and her subsequent desire to gently yet quickly regain her pre-baby bod; and the trend overseas (endorsed by many a celeb) for fitness classes incorporating barre conditioning work. One look at a ballet dancer’s body and you can see the appeal of barre training – think long, lean, feminine physiques.

With three conveniently located Melbourne studios, one in Sydney, and two at-home workout DVDs, Barre Body offers signature Barre Body and Barre Moves classes as well as a complementary schedule of yoga. There is a focus on the physical at Barre Body; all classes are strong and dynamic, offering physical results while clearing the mind. This year also saw the first Barre Body yoga, barre and stand-up paddle boarding retreat in beautiful Fiji. And that’s just the beginning!

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Have your tried Barre? Would you prefer exercise in a studio or at home with a DVD? Let me know by commenting below!

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