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The success of The Biggest Loser has made people all over the world realise they are fat and lazy … myself included. We see the contestants of the show drop weight like crazy, shedding kg’s every week and transforming their lives within just a couple of months, and most of us all joined in on the new health kick. The problem is, is maintaing such dramatic results realistic? Adro Sarnelli a contestant on season 1 of The Biggest Loser Australia, and the very first winner. He also happened to be my favourite contestant of the series. He did an amazing job and oh my, his end result was jaw dropping. However, when I recently heard that Adro had struggled with returning to everyday life after the show it made me realise that all of us who joined in on the journey had very similar struggles. We weren’t given the tools we needed to sustain what we had learnt during the show.

Adro had a lot to learn after leaving The Biggest Loser and now he has turned that knowledge in a way to benefit us all with his very own obesity rehabilitation clinic, The New Me. Today he is helping us by sharing 5 important things we should all know about losing weight and maintaing the results. 

1. Want to change

Your desire to change needs to be greater than your desire to stay the same. Nothing will happen while you don’t really want it too.

2. Set a goal

Set yourself a target of where you would like to be by a certain time, be it 12 weeks or 12 months. It pays to have check points along the way. This goal should incorporate more than simply what the scales say! Make it a clothing size, a weight, a fitness level, a body shape, buy a dream outfit in a smaller size and work towards fitting into it!

3. Plan according to that goal

Be prepared because by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. Make sure that these mini goals or objectives are in line with your main goal and or eventually equate to the main goal. These should be plans to EAT SMART such as meal plans, shopping lists, shop smart, pre-cook a weeks’ worth of meals, pre portion and pre freeze meals. Plans to MOVE MORE such as exercise timetables and training rosters, incidental activity options (such as how to get to and from work? can it be physical, can I spend my lunch break moving) Plans to THINK THIN such as visualising, create goal/dream boards, use motivational tools, sayings or people, become educated on how to achieve a healthy or fit body, etc.

4. Acknowledgement

Acknowledge the mini goals or objectives that you achieve as you achieve them; it is not good to expect yourself to get all the way to the end goal without any praise, reward or acknowledgement. Make sure you never reward with food or similar as that would be going against what your trying to achieve by changing. If you finally fit your dream outfit lash out and buy a new smaller greater one to work towards.

5. Respect

Respect your psychological state, ensure that the underlining reasons as to why you have gained the weight are assessed and worked on, it is very rarely the case that simple sedentary lifestyle and the wrong foods were not deliberate on your part and as a response to a catalyst of some type. Finding a counsellor or psychologist could really help change your ways.

About Adro Sarnelli

Adro Sarnelli

Adro Sarnelli

Adro Sarnelli was born 15 May 1979 in the western Sydney suburb of Auburn. He is the 3rd child in a family of 7 children. Growing up, getting bigger was tough for him but he easily adapted to that overweight way of life, and even at such a young age he began to believe that he was destined for it. As the years and the kilos stacked up he found that he was consumed with the notion that he would never be able to do anything about it, and that he would always be big.

As an adult he tried to make serious attempts to lose weight. Some of which were successful, but most that weren’t. Then The Biggest Loser came along and he was given a fantastic opportunity to lose weight and improve his life. At the finale, he surpassed his dream weight of 95kgs and weighed in at an amazing 85.2kgs, down from an original 145kgs. His life has benefited greatly from not just losing weight, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So much so, that he has now dedicated his life to encouraging the same victories for others.

Adro opened ‘The New Me’, an obesity rehabilitation facility in 2008, focusing on lifestyle modification and personal development. His personal promise to guests is to provide the right education, training and support for long term success, as well as a sound psychological element to successfully identify and tackle the underlying issues leading to obesity.

Did The Biggest Loser inspire you to get fit? Have you ever had problems maintaing weight loss? Let me know by commenting below!

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