5 Things You Need To Know SPF50

Late last year Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced new sunscreen standards. Previously the highest SPF rating you could have for a product in Australia was SPF 30, but the new legislation took that up to SPF 50 with some other important bits updated along with it. Even thought most brands in Australia knew the change was coming, very few had product go on sale during our summer with the new SPF 50 rating. That means that our upcoming Spring/Summer will be the first time most people will have ever heard about a change and may be overwhelmed with all the new options.

To make things a little easier to understand I have expert Emma Hobson, Education Manager Australia, Asia & New Zealand For The International Dermal Institute & Dermalogica, to give us five bites of the most important things you need to know with SPF 50. 

  1. We need to apply a board spectrum sunscreen SPF50+  every day, even in winter. We are then protected from the damaging UVA  rays, they are the ones that cause premature ageing (cause long term damage, lines, wrinkles, skin discolouration and to the immune system). That’s why a sunscreen is the best anti-ageing product on the market today!
  2. “SPF” only refers to the protection the product has against the UVB rays (the ones that burn your skin). The UV protection ratio required  between UVB and UVA is at least 1/3.
  3. The difference between SPF30 and 50 is nominal, SPF30 filters approximately 96.7% of the sun’s rays an SPF50 about 98%.
  4. The ‘minimal’ product that is often applied via our skin care of makeup containing an SPF is not sufficient to provide us with the stated SPF protection. If you consider the cancer council of Australia’s guide to applying sun screen is a half a teaspoon of product applied to the face and neck – including the ears and the back of the neck. That’s a lot of product to get the required SPF, we certainly don’t apply ½ a teaspoon of foundation.
  5. Your application of various products containing sun screen does not negate one or the other, equally they are not accumulative, meaning if you apply one product with SPF 15 then another with SPF15  you don’t end up with a SPF 30 you end up with fractionally over the SPF15 you applied with both products.
Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

About Emma Hobson

Emma Hobson International Dermal Institute Education Manager

Emma Hobson

Emma is a Skin and Body Care Specialist who’s been in the industry for over 25 years. With experience ranging from business owner, Spa Director, College Principle to Corporate Manager and working in countries such as Asia, England and Spain. Emma has collected an extensive range of knowledge with a definite Global perspective in all aspects of the professional skin care industry.

In 1993, Emma joined the The International Dermal Institute at their London location. Since 1995 Emma has been heading up the education department as Education Manager out of their corporate offices in Sydney, Australia.

Emma’s area of expertise continually grows, encompassing dynamic business strategies as well as her knowledge and insight into the future trends of the skin care, wellness and Spa industry, all of which have lead her to speak on many platforms. These include television interviews, invited speaker for industry trade shows in Japan, Hong Kong, London and Australia, as well as the national congresses of C.I.D.S.C.O, I.S.P.A. and A.S.P.A.

Did you know about the new SPF 50 rating? What concerns do you have with using sunscreen? Let me know by commenting below!

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