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It’s new years eve and the day of indulgence in 2013. This is the day we swear we will change and that the new year will bring us the strength and determination to stick to our goals. You’ll probably get drunk, eat too much party food and may even smoke a cigarette. I think today is the perfect day to address cravings and how to combat them.

I spoke to Zoe Bingley-Pullin, celebrity nutritionist and chef, for 5 simple tips to combat silly-season cravings. Maybe you can try some of them out today? 

1. Eating the right breakfast sets us up for the day

Research shows that if we choose a breakfast high in protein, we can also help stave off cravings (especially for sugar and carbohydrates), reducing the brain signals that control ‘food motivation’ and reward-driven eating behaviour.

2. Protein helps to calm cravings, especially for sugar

A sugar craving can often mean there is a blood-sugar imbalance within the body, and protein can assist. Eat a variety of protein sources throughout the day. Protein bars or snacks are good alternatives for people on the go.

Isowhey Low-Carb High Protein Snack Bars in Cookies & Cream

Isowhey Low-Carb High Protein Snack Bars in Cookies & Cream

3. Know your cravings

Think about what you crave, and when. Is it triggered by an event? Do you always volunteer for the morning coffee run at 10am or have a sweet treat at 3.30? If you crave coffee in the morning, try a low-caffeine option, such as decaf or green tea. If you’re after a sweet treat in the afternoon, eat a piece of whole fruit, or have a small stash of nuts on hand.

4. Think about your wider diet

Cravings are often the result of an imbalance in our diets. If you constantly want sweets and white flour, it could be a sign of protein deficiency and you may need more beans, lentils, fish or eggs. Low blood sugar can also cause cravings. Eat savoury foods with protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates every few hours to help keep your blood sugar levels stable.

5. Remove temptation

Finally, get rid of the rubbish foods at home. That way, even if you give into temptation during the party season, at least your ‘base’ diet is healthy and nutritious.

Healthier alternatives to common cravings

Healthier alternatives to common cravings

Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Zoe Bingley-Pullin

About Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Founder of Nutritional Edge and IsoWhey ambassador, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, has long been passionate about the food in our lives. A nutritionist (Diploma of Nutrition, Sydney) and internationally trained chef (Le Cordon Bleu School, London), Zoe helps people embrace the benefits of food through education and understanding.

Zoe is the co-host, alongside Adrian Richardson, of Network Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef. Series 5 aired weekdays in summer 2012/2013 and series 6 will commence filming in late 2013. Zoe has made regular appearances on MORNINGS, Everyday Gourmet, TODAY, The Morning Show, Sunrise and Today Tonight.Zoe is also a regular contributor to national publications such as the Fitness First magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness, Harper’s BAZAAR, Madison, Marie Claire, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, OK! Magazine and RESCU.

Bringing her wealth of food knowledge, Zoe works closely with IsoWhey providing effective weight control advice and recently partnered with The Salvation Army’s Collaroy Centre in an effort to educate the guests and hard-working staff.

Do you have trouble controlling cravings? Do you favour a sweet or savoury foods? Let me know by commenting below!

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