You know I am all for doing something if it is for a great cause. Especially if it is easy and for a cause relating to cancer or animals, but really I am not picky, I am a good person. Then there is the fact that I think I am awesome at running in high heels. Honestly, I think I run better in high heels then I do in runners. Now that I think about it, if my school had let me do the yearly athletics carnival in stilettos maybe I would have done better than last place (… every single time!). So we have established that I think I am a good person who is good at running in heels….. now I think I may have to put my money where my mouth is, or do I mean put my feet where my mouth is? No, that would be ewww.

I promise this rambling is leading to something. You see on Tuesday, 28 September there will be the Worlds first Stiletto Relay and just by registering to be at that starting line you can help Australian women fight against Breast Cancer…… and maybe win a cool $10 THOUSAND DOLLARS. Ok maybe the monetary motivation is getting stronger by the second but I swear I am still a good person.

The Venus Embrace Closest Stiletto Relay is just one of the many great events part of this years ACPs 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty but the only one attempting a Guinness World Record! The race is a simple 4x 100m relay…… in stilettos…. that are a minimum of 3 inches high…. and have smooth legs. Simple I know, and if you were thinking you could maybe sneak in a kitten heel and some jeans then good luck chuck because they will have an official measurer-er-er in local hottie/MTV VJ/Model, Erin McNaught.

So you might be thinking this all sounds lovely but what is in it for you? Well firstly, HOW SELFISH, and secondly, LOTS! Let me start with reminding you that by participating in this event Venus Embrace, who is a platinum partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, will make a donation for every woman who enters (it isn’t even your money, you just have to run a 100m!). Then there is the little things like 1st prize of $10,000 to the winning team, 2nd & 3rd place score Peep Toe vouchers for each person in the team and EVERYONE who participates will score a goodie bag (my two favourite words in the English language) containing the brilliant Gillette Venus Embrace razor and many other summer beauty essentials.

What you have to do

Fill out this simple form to register your participation. Then pop a note in your diary to head to The Overseas Passanger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney at 8am on Tuesday 28 September. Voila, your set!

For more information head to the Venus Embrace Closest Stiletto Relay official page.

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