You know how I love me a spa treatment every now and then, well something I usually tend to avoid is spa treatments that have a health angle. I am really not great when it comes to maintaing any form of a healthy lifestyle. I don’t exercise, my diet is all sugar or chocolate and I have never even had a blood test. I wish live autopsies were possible because I would love to know how hideous my insides are.

A few weeks ago I was telling someone about my devastating health habits and they told about the Alkaline Spa & Clinic in Potts Point, Sydney. As soon as I heard ‘spa’ I was drawn in but then they proceeded to tell me about how all their treatments are based around healthy stuff. Ok, so that was a tad less inspiring …. but I love spa treatments!

After looking over the website I got a little more enthusiastic. They offer everything from Natropaths to Colonics, but the treatment menu was the gold mine. I was lucky enough to be offered a complimentary treatment and the one I wanted to try was their Signature Detox Massage.

What Is the Signature Detox Massage?

Alkaline Spa and Clinic has unveiled their new signature Massage – 75 minutes of pure de-stressing and rejuvenation by combining some of the best techniques including lymphatic drainage, stimulating reflex points, body, face and scalp massage, and Dry Body Brushing.

Alkaline’s signature Massage has been designed to target the build up of toxins stress, wellbeing, and immune function.

Information from Alkaline Spa & Clinic

Why I Wanted To Try It

If you have been following me on Twitter lately you may have seen me rambling on about the horrific

nightmares I have been having. The general consensus has been that it is all due to stress, and that is a justifiable conclusion. I usually am one to strive under stress but things have been getting far busier than I had planned, but it is all my own fault. I am one of those people who bites off more than they can chew.

Aside from this wonderful blog, I am working with the beautiful Jacie to create Australia’s first ever national beauty blogging event. If you want to see what I have been breaking a sweat over check out Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend. It is an absolute labour of love but it has been a little stressful trying to manoeuvre something so large. On top of that I have continued to work behind the scenes to rebuild this website, The Handsome Diaries and others within my network. So add all that to usual everyday stresses and I end up feeling like the world is on my shoulders.

After reading about the Signature Detox Massage it really sounded like just what I needed. Something to address my stress, toxic body and overall wellbeing.

Alkaline Spa & Clinic

The Treatment

I was really shocked when I arrived at the Alkaline Spa & Clinic because places in Potts Point can be hit or miss. The buildings are kinda old and there can be the cross-over of junkies from Kings Cross. When I found the spa it was actually tucked away in a rather new building and it was so beautifully fitted out. The reception and waiting room was light filled with calming music playing. All the staff greeted me and I was offered herbal tea, which I took up because it was absolutely freezing outside.

I filled in a quick questionnaire with all the standard questions, such as any health issues, former surgeries, etc. I was taken into a treatment room that was dimly lit with a subtle earthy scent. It was just what I needed on a cold, dreary winters day.

My treatment started with a dry body brushing. If you have never had this done to you, or done it to yourself, you really must try it. I am a huge fan because I have dry itchy skin and the scratchy bristles of a body brush feel like heaven for me. It gets off all those dead, dry skin cells but it also is reported to have some health benefits such as promoting blood circulation. But for me, I just like how it feels.

The next part was all a big blur of awesome, combining massage and pressure points. A warm oil was used and that is such a big deal because I hate when you have a massage and the oil is ice cold … very un-relaxing! I was a little scared about the massage on my back because I do have so many knots and previously massages have been absolutely torturous. Luckily my therapist kindly asked me how the pressure was within the first 5 minutes so I was able to tell her that it was a little bit hard. She immediately adjusted the pressure to a perfect level for me. For the first time I was really able to enjoy a back massage rather than worrying that someone will touch my back. It sounds silly but it is a big deal for me.

Once the body massage was done I was treated to a face and scalp massage. As you can imagine this was probably the best bit. I don’t know why but having my scalp massaged is just so good. It felt like my headaches were actually being extracted from my head.

After 75 minutes of relaxation heaven I was gently woken.

After The Treatment

As soon as I stood up from the massage table my body instantly felt looser. As if my bones weren’t so tightly glued together. My skin felt a little oily but after a couple of hours it was feeling silky smooth. There was no noticeable lingering scent which I really liked.

The most noticeable results was that my back wasn’t aching when I did simple moves that would have otherwised caused pain. My body felt more calm and my mind wasn’t racing a thousand miles a minute, which it usually is. Best of all I finally got to sleep that evening without a horrible nightmare.

Unfortunately the following evening my nightmares were back, but having that one night stress free was wonderful. It reminds me that a little time out for yourself can have some positive effects and us women really take a lot on. We should treat ourselves more often!


The Signature Detox Massage is 75 minutes and costs AU $130

For more information on the Alkaline Spa & Clinic or this treatment visit their website

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This treatment was provided for consideration, in accordance with our Disclosure Policy. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are my own and remain 100% uninfluenced.

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