Appelles Apothecary Delivery Box

Appelles is a brand I had not heard about previously but when a delivery from them recently landed on my desk I noticed a sudden shift in my office environment. A delightful fragrance filled the air, the mood was lifted and I had a sudden urge to sink into a deep bath tub for a warm nap. This was all before I even opened the box. I wanted to share with you some of the gorgeous goods I will trying out AND there is a special offer exclusive to The Plastic Diaries readers.

Who Are Appelles?

Before I show you the products, you have to know a few things about Appelles Apothecary that I think are important. All Appelles products are Australian designed and owned, this is important for our little country because very few things are made here using our wonderful natural resources. It wasn’t something I cared much about previously but the more I learn about how cosmetics are made the more interested I am in using locally sourced products.

Further more, the products are made using biodegradable ingredients; they use native Australian oil blends; not tested on animals; are paraben free; plastic packaging is 100% biodegradable using Ecopure products; and finally, all packaging is fully recyclable, environmentally friendly and printed using biodegradable soy-based inks. What all that comes down to is these products are just as good for the environment as they are for you. I am not a hippy but I do lean to the green side and all this makes me feel really good about using these products.

The Products

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Appelles package contents

Special Offer

You will receive 10% discount off your next order from Appelles when you enter code PDIARY1 at checkout.

New customers can also grab 3 premium size samples with your order if you email, but this one is just open to Australia and New Zealand only.

Offers expire 30 November 2013.

Stockist Details

Available from Appelles website for Australian and international shipping.

Have you heard of Appelles Apothecary before? Would you be interested in trying their products? Let me know by commenting below!

How To Pronounce Appelles


The brand claims to not test on animals however they do not appear to be certified by any official cruelty free organisation.

The following statement on their website:

APPELLES condemns animal testing and as such all items are animal cruelty free

Vegan and vegetarian status is unknown but each product listing on their website outlines the ingredients.

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