AquaMamma Pregnancy Waters

I’m terrible at remembering to consume liquids. Despite having dry skin and usually feeling dehydrated, I still don’t find myself feeling thirsty. On top of that, I hate the taste of water – or should I say lack there of. It’s so boring and unless it’s ice cold or carbonated it makes me think I’m brushing my teeth. I was introduced to AquaMamma as a product for pregnant women who have trouble staying hydrated, but it took my fancy because I’m not even pregnant and I still have trouble staying hydrated.

I know I’m not alone in this trouble to take in fluids each day so I thought I would trial AquaMamma and see if it really makes a difference. By all accounts there is nothing this water offers that can’t be obtained from plain water, or is there? Here’s my review. 

My Review

  • The 600ml bottle is bigger than I would usually carry around with me. It does seem a little daunting that I have to drink so much liquid but it isn’t as scary as a 1L bottle or bigger. The screw-top lid is large and I had no experiences of it leaking even when I threw it around in my bag. It’s a little bigger to drink from than I like, similar to the size of a Gatorade or Vitamin Water bottle, where as I prefer the smaller opening of a cola bottle but it’s hardly a deal-breaker.
  • The tall, square-shaped body is quite big for my hand but the edges of the bottle make it easier to grip than a round bottle. The plastic is solid but lightweight. It doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a brick around.
  • The bright colouring of the Orange flavour and the subtly pinkish hue of the Mixed Berry flavour make it more appealing to me. Water is clear so I associate it immediately with boring, where as these have some colour so I think they will taste good before I even try it. I think colour is very important with these things because if it looks bad I just don’t want to drink it.
  • A big obvious label says “AquaMamma” on it and words like “Pregnancy” and “Obstetrician” made it feel a little embarrassing to walk-around with in public. It also resulted in many people uncomfortably asking if there was something I wasn’t telling them. For the record, I’M NOT PREGNANT! I’d love the packaging to remove the mommy words from the front. For now I will be decanting it into an inconspicuous water bottle.
  • I tried the Mixed Berry flavour first and was happy the subtle flavour was refreshing without being overpower. My initial concern would be that it has a medicine flavour, like many berry flavoured products, but this didn’t have that at all. It reminds me of a less-intense version of Berry-flavoured gum. This was my preferred flavour of the two.
  • The Orange flavour is also light and subtle. I did have hopes it would take just like Orange cordial but that’s the sugar-fiend in me talking. It’s not lacking in flavour and it doesn’t taste like really-watered-down cordial either (which is never good, in my opinion). It’s more like when you put a few slices of orange in water, but imagine squeezing the orange slices a few times first.
  • I was surprised how quickly I could drink these. The Berry one I drank over about 3 hours and usually I wouldn’t drink that much liquid in an entire day. The Orange one I consumed during a hangover and took about 2 hours. I would usually drink a 600ml Coca-Cola with a hangover but drinking the AquaMumma definitely left me more hydrated, and less guilt ridden.
  • There are a tonne of ways this product assists pregnant woman that is a little irrelevant when you aren’t pregnant. For example, many pregnant women can’t keep plain water down due to nausea, so the low sugar option of AquaMamma is a better alternative to those soft drinks/sports drinks pregnant women often turn to when thirsty. Although I guess that is pretty much what happens to me when I’m hungover so that benefit applies to non-pregnant women as well.
  • I love that this product is GMO free, and uses only natural colours and flavours from plants. For those playing at home, these products are vegan-friendly!
AquaMamma Pregnancy Waters

AquaMamma is available in Mixed Berry and Orange

What AquaMamma say ….

Pregnant women worried about their calorie and sugar intake can now hydrate safely with the release of AquaMamma, a healthy hydration solution. Created by leading Obstetrician, Doctor Rob Buist, AquaMamma is a naturally flavoured electrolyte drink that is low in sodium and calories, and free of genetic modification, artificial colours and sweeteners.

Where many people – pregnant or not – struggle to drink litres and litres of water to keep hydration levels up, the alternatives on the market are often full of caffeine, sugars and other unnatural sweeteners. AquaMamma contains so little sugar (just 2.5g per 100mL), in comparison to apple juice (10.9g), sports drinks (5.7g) and coconut water (5g).

AquaMamma does include a little sodium and potassium to assist with electrolyte absorption, while the recyclable PET bottle it’s housed in is BPA free.

Stockist Details

Australia $4.50 each from AquaMamma

USA & UK – Unavailable at time of publishing.

Do you struggle to consume enough water each day? Would you drink AquaMamma? Let me know by commenting below!

AquaMamma Berry Water

AquaMamma Mixed Berry Water

Mixed Berry: Filtered Water, Sucrose, Food Acid (Citric Acid), Natural Flavour, Acidity Regulators (Sodium citrates, Potassium citrates), Antioxidant (Absorbic Acid), Natural Colour (Anthocyanins), Natural sweetener (Steviol glycorides).

Orange: Filtered Water, Sucrose, Food Acid (Citric Acid), Natural Flavour, Acidity Regulators (Sodium citrates, Potassium citrates), Antioxidant (Absorbic Acid), Natural Colour (Carotenes), Natural sweetener (Steviol glycorides).

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