Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner

I’m currently on a bit of a liquid eyeliner bender. It started a few weeks ago when I was planning the workday to date night tutorial. I’ve always known about my shaky hands but it started to bother me that I was avoiding a product I loved the look of because I feared my hands. I decided practice was the only option I have so I’ve been pulling out all my liquid eyeliners to practice using them, and in the process I can review and swatch them for you.

I’m going back to beginner basics with the Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner because it’s specifically marketed to liquid liner newbies. I wanted to see if this liner could make it easier for me to get a straight line and if the unusual design has benefits over a traditional pen or wand style liquid liner. My results are below.

Australis Cosmetics Curve Ink Liner

Applying Curve Ink eyeliner

My Review

  • The packaging is obviously unique. It has a curvy body with a long straight neck that leads to the tip. At first it scared me a little but as soon as I picked it up I could feel how it naturally fit my hand, making it more comfortable to hold. It also allows me to have a better grip and control of my movements.
  • The plastic lid clicks into place securely so there is no leaking or accidently marking your other cosmetics.
  • Despite how it appears, you actually don’t hold this eyeliner any different to how you would a regular pen or wand style liquid liner. Your index finger sits nicely in the pink zone on top of the body and the neck/tip of the liner runs horizontally to your eyeline, just as it would with a regular liquid liner. The reason this is easier to hold and control is that the curvy body underneath acts as a support below your index finger and above your thumb. It kind of reminds me of how we learn to hold our pencils when we start school. I wish we had pencils shaped like this because I would have far neater writing today!
  • The slimline felt tip is a more flexible than you may know from felt tipped liners. I usually prefer brush tips but because this tip is light and bouncy it allows me to glide over the skin. I generally disliked felt tips because of their stiffness, which would drag on my eye instead of glide.
  • The super black shade applies looking wet but dries to a slightly shiny finish. I love this for a glamourous look but if you prefer matte you can easily go over it with a bit of black eyeshadow or powder liner. It’s bold in colour and it doesn’t fade, you have to remove it if you want it off. It can stain quite quickly so I recommend using a primer or eyeshadow base.
  • The liner is touch-dry in about 5 seconds but for completely transfer-resistant dry you need to leave it 2-3 minutes (depending on the room temperature). Once it is dry there is no smudging and water resistant. It’s not waterproof but it has lasted through some pretty intense crying sessions and lots of allergies. You may be able to swim with it but it’s too cold right now for me to test that out.
  • One of my greatest pet peeves with liquid liner is if they don’t work when applied over shadow or pencil liner. The Curve Ink Eyeliner does none of that, providing intense colour and easy application straight over existing eye makeup.
  • Despite the long wear and water resistance it’s still easy to remove. Normal makeup remover as well as face cleanser removed it with little work but as I mentioned earlier, it can stain if you don’t wear a primer. This only really matters if you are doing a thick liner or cat eye look, if you tightline it doesn’t matter because your lashes will just look thicker. Yay!
  • Overall it still didn’t turn me into a liquid liner magician but it improved my ability greatly. I definitely recommend this liner for beginners or people with shaky hands.
Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner

Before and After – Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner

Australis Cosmetics Curve Ink Liner

Slim felt tip

Australis Curve Ink Liner swatch

Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner swatch on the back of my hand

What Australis say ….

An ergonomically designed curve grip liquid eyeliner that makes applying liner mistake-proof for all of us beginners! Formula is quick drying and water resistant which means no smudging. Provides intense colour pay-off for bold one stroke intensity and is super longwearing meaning there is no need to re-apply.

Never fear the Curve! It is super easy to use and the innovative shape and easy grip zone makes the cat-eye look oh so effortless!

Stockist Details

Australia $14.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

USA & UK – Unavailable at time of publishing. Search eBay or Amazon for sellers.

Have you tried a curved eyeliner? Do you use liquid liner? Let me know by commenting below!

Australis Cosmetics Curve Ink Eyeliner

Australis Cosmetics are an accredited cruelty-free company by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) and some of their products suitable are for vegans. You will find a list of all ingredients for their products on their website and a list of vegan products.

This particular product is not suitable for vegans.


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