Way back in April this year, Australis made waves in the beauty industry with their red hot new releases for the Paparazzi Perfect High Definition range. I have previously told you about their amazing eyeshadow palettes and their tinted moisturiser, both of which were winners for me. Today they extend that award winning collection with 2 more products, a concealer and a brightener.

Both items come in a cute 10ml squeeze tube and I think that is a perfect size for both items because only a small amount is required and I hate it when you get a big tube of something only for half of it to dry out before you can use it. This size is far more waste-friendly. They also have a slightly floral, cosmetic smell. It isn’t unpleasant or overwhelming but I think it is worth noting for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Now, on to the products. Concealers are something I judge very seriously. Even though my under eye dark circles have improved dramatically, it still only takes 1 day of not doing my skincare routine for them to turn into hellish darkness. Brighteners on the other hand am rather indifferent about because, really, I am yet to find a brightener that actually brightens my skin. In my case, most brighteners are just too yellow and my skin is too white for them.

Both these items from Australis can be worn together, so that is what I am going to show you today. In my reviews below, you will I preferred to use this separately but I think those with a regular, yellow based skin tone will be able to use these together to get the intended result. My pictures below are taken with clean skin, so there is no other makeup on at all! (Be kind).

NO make-up …. oh, the horrors!

Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Concealer

What Australis Say: Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Concealer provides a soft finish that corrects colour on dark circles, red pigmentation as well as uneven skin tone. Vitamin E and calendula oil lock in moisture, soothe and provide an anti-inflammatory for the skin. High definition skin balancing pigments provide soft focus and light reflection effects for a flawless result. Medium coverage, long lasting formula. Available in Light-Medium and Medium-Dark.

What I Say: Firstly, I am testing out Light-Medium so of course results would vary depending on your skin tone and the colour concealer you choose. When looking at the product in the tube I was worried it would be too dark for me but it actually was a great match to my skin tone. The formula is smooth and liquidy, but not runny. I think it is a great consistency because  I have really dry eyes and if my concealer is too dry than I just can’t spread it around. This one was actually a dream to apply and it set fairly quickly so I could see if I needed to add more.

ONLY Concealer applied to under eye area

Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Brightener

What Australis Say: Instantly opens up the eye area and helps fade dark circles. A light weight breathable fluid that leaves skin looking flawless and fresh. Containing light reflecting and balancing pigments, Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Brightener is perfect as an under-eye highlighter and all over illuminator. Available in one colour.

What I Say: Looking at the colour while it was in the tube, I had trouble telling it apart from the concealer. When it is swatched on my skin I can definitely see that the Brightener is lighter. Like with the concealer, the consistency of this formula was smooth, easy to apply and creamy. For me though, I found no additional benefit using this product over the HD Concealer. In fact, I actually think it looked a bit too thick even though I used a minimal amount. However, I really liked it when I used it instead of the concealer.

Concealer (left) and Brightener (right) in single line and then blended

The thing I found surprising was that I expected to see some sort of shimmer in it to give that ‘brightening’ effect, but the only time I did see any glistening was when I spread a large amount of the entire back of my hand, and even then it was very subtle. For that reason I feel that the ‘brightening’ effect didn’t work so well, but for those fair ladies like me it can work great as a concealer. If you are looking for an all over face illuminator this could work well for you but I would highly suggest swatching it on your face to make sure it is an ok colour match otherwise it may be too light/too dark, rather than brightening.

Now with the Brightener applied over the Concealer


AU $11.95 each from Big W, Priceline, Kmart, Target and selected pharmacies. Find your nearest stockist by phoning 1300 650 981.

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