My itchy skin will be nothing new to my daily readers but for those who have just tuned in (…Welcome!) you will now get a glimpse of my nightmare. It’s a short but painful story where by for as long as I can remember I have had itchy skin. Officially I have no idea what causes it and the fact I despise doctors means I have given up trying to find out. The itchiness happens year round and is usually contained to my legs, arms and back. There are all sorts of feelings that start me scratching, sometimes it feels like my skin is crawling, or that their are bugs under my skin, or sometimes like ants are crawling on me, or like an insect bite. I guess i can’t explain it without getting bugs involved.

Normal itchy skin triggers also set me off like hair removal, dehydrated skin and allergies but they tend to feel different, and often resolved by using topical treatments like moisturiser or an allergy pill.

In an effort to rid my itchy skin myself I am going to try anti-itch products. While in Las Vegas earlier this year I snapped up the Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone as part of my beauty haul. Being already familiar with Aveeno Active Naturals moisturiser that had worked well for me in the past, I thought this product would be worth a shot. I also went for this one because the packaging boasted “Maximum Strength Formula” and “Specially formulated for longer-lasting relief”. Sounds good to me!

For the past couple of weeks I have been applying it to the affected area as soon as I notice I am scratching. Unfortunately I have been living with the itchiness for so long that it can take me a while before I even notice I am scratching. I have found the product to kick in within about 30 seconds and the urge to scratch is stopped. The problem I am finding though is that as soon as the itching stops in one section, it will manifest somewhere else. Eventually it moves around my body and I end up having to use the product as a full body moisturiser. Luckily the product does spread well and I have only made a small dent in the 28g tube. Another down side is the product isn’t available in Australia and as usual no US pharmacy ships to Australia. I guess it will be back to the drawing board when this one runs out.


US $6.49 from CVS

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