As mentioned before, my major skin flaw is my super dark circles under my eyes. I am forever on the search for a product that will just make a slight improvement because I know clearing it completely would just be a miracle. I have seen every expert in Sydney and no one can tell me exactly why I have such dark circles but we have been able to narrow it down to two things, A. Its in my heritage to have hyper-pigmented skin below my eyes OR B. I have a Kidney problem.

Seeing as though I refuse to go see a doctor for anything that may involve a blood test, I personally have ruled out the Kidney problem.

This brings me to the discovery of Tyrostase Brown Pigment Equalizer by Beauté Pacifique at the Harpers Bazaar Cosmetic Enhancement event. After chatting with one of the professionals from Equipmed, the owning company, I felt this could be the answer. This could be the wonder cream. Now anyone who is familiar with Whitening Creams will know that there is a high risk that the area of use may actually becoming darker. It is kind of like a reverse effect. It had happened to me before but I couldn’t let previous bad experiences stop me from trying new products. The whole beauty industry would stop in its tracks if people stopped trying new things. I placed an order on the spot and the cream arrived in my eagerly awaiting hands just a week later.

I was so excited I ran to the bathroom, did my usual beauty cleansing routine and applied the product right away. For the first five days I noticed no change. That is to be expected, most products to work over night…..or five. To be honest, after those five days it had become embedded in my beauty routine and I forgot I was even meant to be watching for change.

A couple more days past before I started to get comments on how tired I was looking. How rude I thought! My mom finally spoke up and asked if I had been using something different recently because my dark circles were getting bigger? I of course responded with “BIGGER??” followed by a rush to the bathroom mirror to inspect my eyes.

Unfortunately to my horror the darkness had indeed spread from my under eye area to the top of my cheek bones. I dusted myself off and thought of well!

The good thing about this cream was that within 48 hours of not using the product, my eye area had returned to its original darkness. Once again leaving me available to try new products.

Everybody is different and just because Whitening Creams haven’t worked for me (….yet) that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a go. Everyone has different skin and the only way to see what works for you is by trial and error.

What they say….

Beauté Pacifique Brown Pigment Equalizer is a lotion for use on hyper-pigmented spots to whiten dark skin and even-out blemishes. It combines two herbal extracts and a special form of vitamin C in a unique triple whitening action. The product influences the enzyme tyrosinase to control the synthesis of melanin. The equalizer works to reduce the production rate of melanin and to partially reverse synthesis for a fairer skin tone. It contains a sunscreen to prevent skin darkening further.

  • For hyper-pigmented and blemished skin without any harsh side effects
  • Contains both Vitamin A and a unique triple action skin whitening
  • Contains a sunscreen that prevents further skin darkening
  • Use for dark circles under the eyes

Available in 50mL/$75 or 100mL/$120

For stockist information visit Equipmed

Beaute Pacifique Tyrostase Brown Pigment Equalizer

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