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There are only two types of people I will ever consider taking storage advice from – 1. the professional de-clutter experts on those hoarders TV shows, and 2. beauty bloggers. I’m yet to meet a beauty blogger who keeps their belongings and space to a minimum, but they’re some of the most organised and well-maintained individuals you can come across. When I found out I would be moving into a new house my first thought was, “NEW BEAUTY STORAGE!” (you’ll understand why after you see this).

I asked my fellow beauty bloggers from the Beauty Blog Coalition to tell me which beauty storage product do they rely on most.

“I could not live without my Ikea Alex. It’s new to my collection but a necessity for me!” – Phyrra

“Have to agree with Phyrra & say my Ikea Alex! I own 3 large ones and 2 small ones and they are perfect for organizing a large or small collection. Also my Original Beauty Box & MUJI drawers! Great acrylic storage containers!” – Love for Lacquer

“The SherrieBlossom IceBox! It’s pricey but perfect for storing my fave beauty items out in the open. I get a ton of compliments!” – Blushing Noir

“I keep my lipsticks and glosses in a 5-drawer Sterilite mini desktop organizer. They are cheap and do the job!” – Polish Galore

“I love the Ikea Helmer. I use them for my polish collection and I like that they can hold a lot of polishes. I also have a drawer for my treatments, base coats, and top coats. Plus they are portable so if you do some rearranging, it’s no big deal” – Will Paint Nails For Food

“Handmade wood nail polish rack! They’re the best! ” – Nails Like Lace

“Acrylic organization is great for not losing what you have in a large collection! I pick mine up from Amazon. Also folder separators for slim palettes, so much easier to keep track of my favorites! I also recommend organizing by color if your brain doesn’t immediately jump to brands – I have mine separated into types then shades for quick access!” – Stephanie Louise – All Things Beautiful

“I can’t live without all three of my IKEA ALEX! I have two “Tall” units for polish and one “short wide” unit for makeup. Best investment ever!” – Polish Insomniac

“IKEA Alex is a godsend if you have a lot of makeup, and a lot cheaper than buying several smaller plastic storage units.” – Glamorable


“I for sure cannot live without, nor stop buying, the ELF brush holders, they are so sturdy and I love the black matte look!” – Beauty by Krystal

“I can’t live without my IKEA Alex storage and a good counter storage system with Muji has been a lifesaver. With the Alex I have it broken into categories while with the Muji I have been putting what I am currently testing for the time being and current favorites. ” – Makeup Life and Love

“I don’t know what I did before I started using the eDiva! You can see into the drawers from every angle! When makeup is out of sight it is out of mind, but you wont have that problem with an eDiva!” – My Newest Addiction

“All of my products are stored in the Sterilite Ultra 4-Drawer Storage Cart; however, I do want to upgrade to the Ikea MALM + Alex storage table and drawers.” – Makeup by Kim Porter

“I have absolutely fallen in love with the Hold Me Middle Sister Makeup Bag, it’s perfect for everyday use, traveling and storage in my dresser (which is where I use two drawers to store all of my product!) We have a small bathroom in our apartment so the bag makes it super easy to just have things on hand and switch out when I want to change up my routine!” – Hairspray & Highheels

“I love using drinking glasses with marbles or rocks to hold my brushes on my vanity. Decor meets function! You can buy them at the dollar store or get fancy, unique ones with designs from Etsy.” – Lipgloss Break

How do you store your beauty products? Do you have any organisation and storage tips? Let me know by commenting below!

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