It is always nice to see a beauty brand doing something good for mankind. For an industry that is perceived as shallow and self-serving, it sure does do a lot for the earth and the creatures that live on it.

I can’t think of two better examples than Aveda and The Body Shop. Both brands have selected April to be the month that helps the globe, on top of their already well established generosity.

Aveda – Walk For Water Event

The ‘Walk For Water’ fundraising event takes part in Aveda’s annual Earth Month, which has been around for well over a decade, but this year there is a welcome change. Usually fundraising efforts from Earth Month in Australia go towards global initiatives for organisations directly supporting environmental change or water-related causes. This year, however, the Walk For Water event will support our local efforts with 100% of the funds going to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

It goes without saying that our Queenslanders suffered some disastrous events. Despite their losses and tragedies, it is made even worse by the realisation that many people did not have insurance that covered them financially from those events. I am not going to go on a rant about how insurance companies need to have transparent policies, but the point is that with or without insurance, many families are solely depending on the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal fund to survive.

Aveda have come up with an easy way to help our friends in what will be a long recovery. It is simple, walk 6kms. If you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth you can do your bit by taking part in the fundraising walk on Sunday, April 17. Get all the information on the Walk For Water event, or other ways you can help during Earth Month, on the Aveda website.

The Body Shop – Kick Climate Change Competition

If Queenslanders aren’t your cup of tea, than how about winning stuff? You can’t convince me that winning things won’t make you happy. I know you too well.

The Body Shop have always been global crusaders but this time they are rewarding you at the same time. Carbon change is bad. You know it, I know it. How can we do something about it, other than yelling at the TV screen every time a politician opens their mouth? Easy, make a realistic pledge.

Head over to the Climate Friendly website before April 17, fill in an entry form and pledge what you will do to help kick climate change. Why? Because you could win a years supply of The Body Shop eco-friendly products AND have your entire life offset for the year.

You probably don’t realise how much carbon one measly human can create in a year. It is a ridiculously stupid amount, but carbon offsetting can save our skin. Do a little good and the rewards are well worth it!

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