Beauty blogger Kimberly Nissen of The Plastic Diaries sharing the contents of her Beautylish Lucky Bag 2017

The Beautylish Lucky Bag is a wonderful annual tradition produced by global online beauty retailer Beautylish. You may have heard the hype on Instagram and from your favourite influencers about the Beautylish Lucky Bag, an annual ‘lucky dip’ of sorts that allows you to pay a once-off price to get a mystery delivery of beauty products in value well exceeding the price you pay. It’s what I call Gambling for Beauty Addicts. It’s taken me until 2017 to try it because I’m not much of a gambler. I unboxed the contents of my Lucky Bag live on Instagram (make sure you are following me to see every unboxing as they happen!) but if you missed it you are in luck because I will reveal to you what I got in mine, and my review of the entire Beautylish #LuckyBag2017 experience. 

What’s the Beautylish Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bags are a Japanese new year tradition that inspired Beautylish to create their own. It’s similar to a traditional lucky dip you probably experienced as a child. They go on sale each year just after Christmas and are shipped in the new year. There are only a limited number available and in the past they have sold out pretty quick. This is why you should sign-up now [if you like the sound of what you read here] to receive an email as soon as they go on sale.

Each bag contains a selection of products that are sold on Beautylish. As you will see from my package and the many shown on Instagram’s #LuckyBag2017 feed we aren’t talking deluxe samples or end of line stock, it’s mostly popular in-demand products. There are 3 options available for purchase:

  1. The regular Lucky Bag is $75 and you will receive products to the value of $150+
  2. The Lucky Bag XL is $150 and you will receive products to the value of $300+
  3. If you are outside of the united states you get an international-only version of the Lucky Bag for $75 and you will receive products to the value of $150+ – this is because Beautylish ship globally but some of their stocked brands have exclusivity rights in certain countries. This means those products aren’t available to be shipped outside of the USA.

Shipping costs extra which in the USA is $7 and international $15.

My Review

  • First of all, Beautylish are a fantastic online beauty retailer that ships internationally and has a wealth of product information, reviews and other user-generated content. The Beautylish Lucky Bag is an offering that’s really unique in the beauty space. I’m not aware of any other online beauty retailer that offers it but after this experience I wish they did!
  • I was disappointed that the international customers didn’t have the choice between a regular size Lucky Bag or the Lucky Bag XL. I’d have chosen the XL but I do suspect this could have something to do with shipping, considering a larger spend would mean a larger parcel and international shipping is by no means cheap.
  • I would have loved the option to select cruelty-free options only as Beautylish does sell some non-cruelty free brands. I lucked out in my selection with many self-claimed cruelty-free brands and a few certified ones.
  • After making my purchase I followed the instructions to complete my Beauty Bio. I’m unsure if completing this profile has any influence on the items selected for the Lucky Bag but it seems like I recieved items well matched to my bio. Call it coincidence or not, but it’s probably worth keeping the bio up to date just in case!
  • My parcel was shipped 6 Jan and it arrived to me 18 Jan. It’s one of the longer wait periods I’ve experienced with an international order but I was still satisfied with the delivery.
  • The package came in a really large box (far larger than what was probably necessary) and inside everything was wrapped securely. The box was firmly stuffed with tissue paper, each individual item was wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper, and then a large piece of illustrated wrapping paper enveloped the entire bundle. I knew my enclosed items would be in perfect condition because when I shook this box nothing moved. The packaging was A+.
  • I received the following items [noting their individual RRP as well] along with my opinion:
  • All up my Beautylish Lucky Bag came to the value of $194. Considering I paid $90 in total I’m very happy with the dollar value. I’d of chose some of these items different based on what I saw others receive – i.e. a Jouer lipstick instead of Jeffree Star.
  • Overall I’m happy with my first Beautylish Lucky Bag experience. I would do it again, but I know some people have had underwhelming results previously. Like all gambling, there is a risk of disappointment. If you don’t like gambling, you won’t like this service.

Beauty blogger Kimberly Nissen of The Plastic Diaries sharing the contents of her Beautylish Lucky Bag 2017

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Available exclusively from Beautylish.

Would you buy a Beautylish Lucky Bag? If you got a 2017 Lucky Bag, what was in yours? Let me know by commenting below!

The following brands are certified cruelty-free:

It Cosmetics and Jeffree Star

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