I have been doing the neurotic skincare thing since I was a young girl. I used to always go with my mum and watch her at the beautician getting facials and other things so it was always in my life. I had my first facial when I was 12 years old and by 15 I was having my first microdermabrasion treatment which I still get done every couple of months. These were the sort of things that were presented to me as a young lady but when it came to a home skincare regime I was in the dark. I would rely on Dolly or Girlfriend magazine to tell me what to do because in those days that’s all there was. I used to write so many Dolly Doctor letters asking about it but I never saw one get published so I never had an answer. There was no Internet to turn to and my mum only knew about skincare products that were designed for adult skin. So when I was around 14 I discovered a couple of brands through commercials on TV and in the magazines, and they were targeted at teenagers but it was all about acne and problem skin. I had clear skin, not oily, not dry, and had a VERY rare single breakout. The worst problem I had with my skin was a collection of tiny little blackheads on my nose due to my large pores. I said to myself many times that I wish someone would create a range for people like me.

Today, thanks to Snezna Kerekovic of Bellaboo, young girls can have a great skincare regime designed for their young skin. I will get to what I think about the actual products in a minute but I have to say that I just WISH these products were around when I was younger. I think it is really important to look after your skin from a young age because the best thing you can do to fight aging is prevent it! You need to look after your skin everyday and the sooner you start the longer it will take before those horrid signs of aging appear. Looking after your skin isn’t just about putting any old moisturiser on and hoping for the best. You need to use products that are designed for your skin! You wouldn’t put Wrinkle Fillers into an 8 year old, would you?

The Bellaboo range is designed for female pre-teens, tweens and teenagers (even early twenties!) who want to look after their skin without resorting to full-blown chemical warfare. The packaging is bright, colourful and fun with a product for every step to design your own skincare regime. It’s funky and the brand is devoted to young woman not just with Beauty products but in all facets of life. They have a brilliant website to really help girls with any problems they might be tackling and it makes me so happy there is now a place for these girls to turn to.

Ok I know I am rambling on with the positive speech so I will tell you about the products I tried and then I will leave the final words to Snezna who can explain why she created these products. Obviously my skin is a little bit past the ‘youth’ stage but on my good days I want to use something simple that is just about good natural products to maintain my clear skin. The All That Clean Skin Facial Wash is a light gel wash that has a strong Lemon Myrtle scent and didn’t leave my skin dried out. Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator has a great smell that I just can’t put my finger on but the creamy base & soft exfoliating granules buff the skin lightly so my skin was smooth afterwards without being irritated. To finish off the basic 3-step regime is the Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew which has a great cream-gel consistency but I found the scent just too strong for me as it lingered throughout the day (granted if I was 10 years younger I probably would have LOVED it). The 3-step regime left my skin smooth and hydrated which is ideal for young skin and if I had a daughter I know I would be smothering her in it.

Packaged in Purple (my favourite colour!!) is the E Z Blitz Serum which is designed to tackle blemishes and balance skin. It can be used as a spot treatment on pimples or applied to the whole face if you have acne or oily skin. I did an all over application on my face but seeing as though I don’t suffer from either of those conditions I found no change in my skin. That is a first cause usually when I use something that isn’t designed for my skin I either get itchy, go Red or get a pimple!

My favourite product of the ones I tried has to be the Berry Nice Face Fix Mask because the delicious Berry smell reminded me of a Berry Cheesecake and when you have to leave a mask on for 10 minutes there is nothing worse than a foul smell stuck on your face.

Final Word: Snezna, Bellaboo Creator & Founder……

Hi, I’ve worked as a beauty editor for many years and when I had my own daughter I started to consider what I would recommend she use when she started a skin care routine. i quickly came to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing on the market that I would be happy for her to use on her skin.

All that was available was a sea of clinical-looking chemical concoctions that I would not put anywhere near my daughter’s face. So, I decided to create a simple skin care system for young skin based on natural ingredients. Bellaboo gives girls the best skin care start possible.

With 99.5% natural formula and zero nasty chemicals, it is the purist skin care for young skin. It’s designed to care for young skin today and to give girls the best start possible for gorgeous, youthful skin in years to come.


Bellaboo is stocked in pharmacies across Australia (Store Locator) and at Rite Aid, Sears, Meijer and Drugstore.com in the USA.

If you want to give the 3-step system a trial I suggest the Girl on the Go Kit which contains mini 40ml tubes of All That Clean Skin Facial Wash, Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator and Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew for a bargain price of AU $23.95

Bellaboo has a GREAT website so do check it out and you can purchase your products online too!

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