For many years I shied away from using foundation. There were many reasons but it all came back to the same thing that turns all women off buying it. It feels to cakey, it makes me look worse than without foundation, I can’t find my colour, it smells ….. etc. Honestly, the list of excuses were never ending.

Back in May, when I really started focusing on The Plastic Diaries full time, I had a horrible nightmare that involved me being invited to a lovely event, only to have gone with no foundation on and every well manicured beauty editor pointing and laughing at me. I guess it was the beauty bloggers standard nightmare, equivalent to a school student walking into their first day of high school wearing just their underwear. I was mortified, and I thought the basic mineral powder I occasionally swirled on my face was not going to cut the mustard. Or is that the beef? No I am pretty sure ‘cutting beef’ is about farts. Ok …. way off track ….. not really a topic designed for a beauty blog. Point is, I am terrible at sayings!

While browsing the beautiful set-up on offer at Benefit Cosmetics, I came across Some Kind-A-Gorgeous. To be truthful, 90% of the reason I bought it was the packaging. Look at it, it is adorable! I love the finer detail, such as ‘Side A: My Perfect Match, Side B: Feel So Good’. Ahhh, hilarious. Packaging gold. Have I mentioned I am a whore for packaging?

The remaining 10% was based on that it is advertised as a ‘foundation faker’. I have no idea what that means but it sounded like something I wanted to try, and I have been using it ever since!

What I Say ….

  • This foundation is a cream-to-powder formula, but not like any other I have tried before.
  • I use the accompanying make-up applicator sponge to apply, and it works a treat. The application is smooth and easy.
  • The formula itself is also a dream to apply. It is silky, light and you need only a small amount to do your full face.
  • It sets to powder pretty quickly (for me, about 10 minutes). The powder finish is still very silky and doesn’t look ‘dry’.
  • It is extremely translucent so it is great for complimenting your natural skin tone, rather than covering up.
  • I like to team it with a good concealer. The concealer does the difficult work of covering blemishes and dark circles, while Some Kind-A Gorgeous enhances the rest of my face. Ideally, this product works better for those with minimal blemishes. If you have lots to cover up this will be too translucent for you.
  • I haven’t had any issues with caking or clumping in creases, however if you have particularly dry patches like me, I suggest using a good primer. I have had a couple of instances where it enhanced my already flaking skin.
  • I find this extra perfect for summery, hot or humid days because of its barely there feel. You can easily wear this to the beach without being self conscious people can tell you have foundation on.
  • As you will see in the photos (both sets taken in the same daylight) it really captures and reflects light to give a natural glow. I also showed you the side of my face where I am blessed with pimple so you can see the coverage a little better.
  • It comes in Lite, Medium and Deep. At first I thought this was a far to narrow colour range but when you see how it blends and complements it makes sense. The three colours on offer is really all they need. As you can probably guess, I use Lite.
  • It usually lasts me about 6 hours before needing a little retouch on the t-zone but it will vary depending on your skin and environment.



For me, this is an everyday option because I work from home and the only people I really see are couriers, doctors and vets (such an unhealthy family we are). It provides me with enough coverage to do day-to-day stuff and it is so light that I don’t feel it. I love it so much that I have actually bought a second one because I finished my first!

What Benefit Says ….

Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous is an oil-free, cream to powder finish that mimics the appearance of foundation. The translucent shade is perfect for most skin tones. Compact includes application sponge and mirror for touch-ups on the go.

Available in: Some Kind-A Gorgeous Lite, Some Kind-A Gorgeous and Some Kind-A Gorgeous Deep.




AU $53 rrp from Benefit Counters in Myer, Benefit Boutique in Sydney and Adore Beauty (International shipping available)

US $28 rrp from Benefit (International shipping available) and Sephora

UK £23.50 from Benefit, Boots, Harrods and Selfridges

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