When I apply a full face of make-up my blush is the second last thing I do (lips are last). Besides the fact it is logistically the correct way to apply make-up working from your eyes down, I just take so long picking which blush I want to use that I put it off. I have been known to run out the door with 2 blushes in tow so I can decide on my way to wherever I am going. You would think eye shadows or lip colours would be harder but not for me, its always blush. I am a fan of Benefit products, and any make-up products in general, but I own so many blushes I rarely look at new ones. I even have some blushes that are so old I couldn’t possibly wear them but they are part of my collection and I couldn’t think of parting with them. That was until I found Sugarbomb by Benefit.

I have fallen head over heals in love with Sugarbomb. I feel naughty, like I am having an affair from my already beloved blush collection but I just don’t feel for those old ones like I do for Sugarbomb. So what is so good about it that I could leave my loved ones behind? Well, My new love combines the shimmering shades of Peach, Plum, Pink and Rose. All I do is swirl the included super soft flush brush and sweep on to my cheeks. Plus it smells fruity and feminine. Have you ever had a blush that smells like dessert? I haven’t before and now that I do, I LOVE it!

It is probably one of the most expensive blushes I have ever owned but it will last so long. Even with my everyday use it still looks brand new!


AU $51

Available from Benefit Boutique, AdoreBeauty and Myer stores nationally.

Get all the info on Sugarbomb and other fab products at the Benefit Cosmetics website. You can also order online and they ship internationally. Plus it’s only US $28.00 but I didn’t tell you that!

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