Bioderma Atoderm Ultra Rich Foaming Gel

If you have heard of Bioderma it is probably because of their incredible Crealine H2O Solution makeup remover, but the French skincare brand actually has a few skincare winners in their stable. One such range is Atoderm, a line of skincare products for sensitive, irritated skin. It is a saviour for those suffering with atopic skin but also those who occasionally have flare-ups or allergies.

This review is for the Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel, an extra gentle cleanser for the face and body which is said to restore natural lipids to keep the skin balanced and healthy. 

My Review

  • The large pump packaging is perfect for using in the shower. It isn’t travel friendly but you could decant into a smaller empty bottle if you would like to take it with you. As I do like to wash my face in the shower, it is the perfect packaging for me. The pump dispenses the perfect amount for your face, or two pumps if you are using it on your body.
  • I started using this product just on my body during a change of season irritation. My skin instantly felt soothed and after one week of daily use the irritation had stopped completely. This cleanser is designed to be used as part of a wider Atoderm regimen which includes a topical cream, but I wanted to test just how effective the cleanser was by itself. I am overly impressed with just how quick it acted.
  • After a couple of weeks I started using this cleanser on both my face and body. Due to a bad experience with some previous skincare trials my face had some irritate dry patches. This cleanser once again relieved the itch after one wash. It took about 10 days of daily use for the irritation to be cleared completely which is still extremely impressive in my opinion. Keep in mind I was further irritating the area each day by applying makeup, but that was unavoidable!
  • There is no added fragrance in this cleanser but the natural scent is quite pleasant. It is a clean, refreshing scent.
  • The name may say “foaming” but the lather created with this gel is actually a thick foam rather than a sudsy mess. Whether you use your hands, a loofah or a Clarisonic this cleanser was easy to control, especially around my eyes.
  • Overall this product does what it says it will do, and rather quickly.

What Bioderma say ….

Formulated for very dry skin, skin prone to atopy, Atoderm Foaming Gel is an universal product that can be used by the whole family (babies, children, adults) on both the body and face.

Soap-free, fragrance-free, Atoderm Foaming Gel cleanses very gently, soothes and softens the skin to keep it comfortable during the day. The combination of zinc and copper, which gives the product a deep blue colour, helps purify the skin.

Stockist Details

Australia $34.95 (500ml) from Adore Beauty, Terry White Chemists and selected pharmacies.

USA – Unavailable at local stockists but can be purchased through Amazon

UK £6.75 (200ml) from Escentual

Have you tried Bioderma Atoderm? Do you suffer from irritated skin? Let me know by commenting below!

Bioderma Atoderm Ultra Rich Foaming Gel

It is commonly known that Bioderma do test on animals. They make no mention of their policies on their website.


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