Today I am introducing you to what will be another frequent feature, the Brand Profile. This idea came to me while I was in the USA last year. I was having so much fun shopping up a storm for products I know and loved, or products from brands I know and loved, but found myself almost in tears when trying to decide if I should buy products I have NEVER heard of. This anguish inspired me to make a very long list of brands to discover.

Discovering a new brand on our pharmacy shelves or in our department stores isn’t something us Australians have much experience with in our own country, often because we get such a limited selection of what is available to the rest of the world. However, I have found out that even brands I considered to be hugely popular in our own country isn’t necessarily so. Me, well, I am a make-up addict. I love to buy the stuff. Not all women do, and often those women will just stick to what they know, the products they have used for the last 15 years. It is those people that I want to help because you shouldn’t miss out on all the wonderful new products just because you already found something that worked for you (15 years ago!).

First up, I chose to profile Benefit Cosmetics, one of my personal favourites and one I truly believe have a product for everyone. I put the hard questions to Sharon Farley, Benefit’s Australian Marketing Manager.

Who is the Benefit customer?

Our core customers are females aged between 20 – 45. However Benefit appeals to women (and some men) of all ages, whether they’re 15 or 85.

What is the brief history behind Benefit? Who, why, when it was created?

Co-founders (and identical twin sisters), Jean & Jane Ford began creating cosmetics in the late 70s after achieving success as commercial models & makeup artists. During their professional careers dabbling in all things beauty, Jean & Jane were inspired to open a neighborhood makeup boutique in San Francisco. What began as an impetuously fun neighborhood venture (a veritable “beauty locker room” for bonding over gloss & gossip) has grown into something grand & global.

How is Benefit different from other cosmetic brands? Why should we try your products?

Benefit is the leading brand for instant beauty solutions, fast fun and fabulous beauty services. We are also the only prestige cosmetic brand with fragrance, makeup, skincare and services, such as browbars for brow wax, tinting, lashes, and pretty rooms for body waxing and spray tanning.

On a different note, our packaging and names are a stand out – action packed with personality! And last but not least, our products work. They do exactly what they say they do. Our Instant Brow Pencil (AU $39 rrp) is just one of many perfect examples.

Instant Brow Pencil by Benefit

Does Benefit reward customer loyalty? (eg. Rewards Program, Gift With Purchases, etc)

We sure do. Benefit offer browbar loyalty cards, we often have token of appreciation gifts and if you come in to get your brows done on your birthday, it’s complimentary!

The Benefit stores and counters are very pretty. What inspired this design direction?

Benefit stores are designed to be a ‘candy store for makeup’. It relates to Benefit’s roots in San Francisco, and captures the quirky and fun spirit of the brand. The boutiques evoke a local neighbourhood style with lamps, wallpaper stripes, and frames pictures on walls and “expect the unexpected” style.

Benefit Boutique in Paddington, Sydney

What can we look forward to from Benefit in 2011? (eg. new locations, new products, etc.)

We’re excited to be launching 6 new Brow Bars across Australia. In QLD, we’ll be opening up Brow Bars in Brisbane, Pacific Fair, Robina and Carrindale, High Point in VIC and Perth in WA. We’re also delighted to have Maggie and Annie (Jeans daughters and Janes Nieces), Global Brand Ambassadors, visiting Australia for Benefit Australia’s 10th anniversary in April.
Product-wise, we’ve got very exciting products with a new skincare collection launch in May, a new tint to join siblings Benetint and Posietint in July, a fabulous new mascara and last but not least, a new fragrance in the Crescent Row collection in August.

A product from their new b.right skincare line - On Sale May 21

A big thank-you to Sharon for sharing with us the inside word on Benefit!


Benefit Cosmetics have their own boutiques, as well as being stocked in some of the biggest retailers worldwide. Browse their products, shop and find your nearest location right here

Fun advertising asserts the brands image


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