You all know how touchy the hair removal subject is for me. If you want to find out the horrific story you will need to refer to the Veet post. Nowadays I am a little better with the pain factor. Waxing still runs a shiver through my spine but one of my most relaxing past-times is plucking my leg hair. YES, i know, I am sooooo weird. It started a long time ago when I had the occasional hair that was missed during shaving or waxing. Then I started to try and get the thick ones as they grew back. Now I just pluck until there is no hair left and I have to patiently wait for something to sprout. WOW, I really should have thought about it before admitting all this.

What I say ……

For a long time I thought about epilators because they are such a harshly judged beauty tool. in the past they have got a pretty bad wrap, and I believed what was said because I had never tried one. I honestly thought it would be the most painful thing ever. There is something about multiple tweezer heads rotating close to my skin that freaked the hell out of me. When I thought about it I didn’t actually know what was so scary about it. Let’s face it, no hair removal is without its flaws. I put all my preconceived notions aside and decided it was time to take the next step.

The new Braun Silk-épil 7 Xpressive in my eyes is like the Rolls Royce of Epilators. Oh wait, maybe its a Ferrari? Ok I am not great at comparing hair removal machines to cars but I am sure there is a link. What I am trying to say is that it is really fancy! This epilator is packed with features that I will let Braun ramble off later but I am going to start by telling you my fave parts.

When I decided to give the epilator a go I thought about what happens if I don’t like it. What if it is TOO painful and I just can’t bear it? What a waste that would be! But not with this beauty because it comes with a shaver head that instantly turns your epilator into a super-powered shaver. I can tell you the shaver is GREAT for ‘down there’ if your in a rush or need to tidy up, or if you can’t face waxing. You can also use it Wet or Dry and that is something you need in an epilator because using it wet with soapy shower gel really does make a difference with the pain factor. Finally, I love that this epliator can be used on Legs, Body AND Face thanks to the nifty attachments, it has a remarkable Smart Light that is as bright as daytime so you can’t miss a single hair AND it has two different settings so if you are a beginner like me you can use the less painful option.

I wouldn’t say an epilator is painful. What?? That’s right, IT IS NOT PAINFUL, but I wouldn’t say it is pain free either. For me it felt more like a uncomfortable sensation in most parts. The whole unit practically vibrates when in use and I felt the vibrations more than I did the plucking. Certain areas hurt more than others, usually around bones and areas with thicker hair, just like when you wax. After using it dry I did have a few red spots, and my skin felt like it was still vibrating for a few minutes but that is hardly a side effect. I used the extra gentle setting but the more I used it the more I got used to the feeling. I think in a few more uses I can move up to the extra efficient setting which is meant to be a little more painful.

Honestly, I am so surprised by the Silk-épil 7 Xpressive because I really thought there was no way I could possibly do epilation. It actually makes me feel really proud, like I accomplished something. Oh and it takes the hair a REAL long time to grow back which I am actually enjoying now because I don’t have any time to pluck my legs anymore.

Isn't it hi-tech and pretty

My advice …

Give epilation a go!!! If I can do it than ANYONE can. I am so scared of pain I have to take a valium before I get my lip waxed!

What Braun says…..

New: Close-Grip Technology

Braun’s latest technological breakthrough makes epilating more efficient than ever before. The 40 tweezers have been reengineered to close at the optimal angle and grip hair even closer to the skin for better short hair removal. The overall efficiency is further improved by an increased epilation speed by +10%*. *vs. Xpressive

Pivoting Head

Silk-épil 7 features a flexible head that can pivot by up to 15 degrees forward and back. This means it can better adapt to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness. And it ensures that optimum usage position is maintained.

SoftLift Tips®

Silk-épil 7 also includes unique SoftLift Tips® which effectively lift even flat-lying hair and help guiding them to the tweezers.


The Smartlight helps easily guide your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hairs for no miss removal.

Dermatologically recommended

Braun Silk-épil 7 is recommended* as the gentle solution to long-lasting hair removal thanks to its unique combination of skin-soothing features.

*Dr. med. Petra Staubach, University Skin Clinic, Mainz

Wet & Dry

Several Silk-épil 7 models were designed specifically for epilation in warm water. Warm water is relaxing and soothing. The warmth improves your circulation, stimulates the production of pain-reducing substances and makes your skin less sensitive.

Olay/Olaz Pre-epilation wipes

Special pre-epilation wipes designed by Olay/Olaz relax the skin before epilation for an even better skin comfort.

New High Frequency Massage

The High Frequency Massage System stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the plucking sensation during epilation to maximize your skin comfort.

Cordless use – fast recharge

Silk-épil 7 gives you the freedom to epilate in comfort wherever and whenever desired. With up to 40 minutes running time – easily enough for a full epilation – and a 1 hour charge it runs for longer and charges faster than many epilators on the market today.

Waterproof & washable

All Silk-épil 7 models have a sealed body, which means they can be cleaned under running water for better hygiene.

Speed Personalization

With Silk-épil 7 you can choose the right speed for your individual needs: Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, speed 2 with a 10% increase of speed completing more than 80,000 plucking moments per minute and achieving smooth skin more quickly.


The Braun Silk-épil 7 Xpressive 7681

AU $208.95 rrp

Available from selected electrical outlets and major department stores.

The Braun website has loads of information, plus tips, videos and a store locator.

The epilator with its different heads

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