If you are a reality TV lover than there is no doubt you saw the devastating series final of Australia’s Next Top Model. Like a typical narcissist I loved every second of it. Honestly, I didn’t really care who won but I thought Amanda definitely had the right mix of commercial modelling and runway skills. There, that is my 2 cents worth.

ChapStick seem to like Amanda’s commercial look as well, so they have just announced her appointment as their official campaign face for 2011. I think it is a great match for the 20 year old because it is a realistic alignment. In my opinion the worst thing you can do with celebrity endorsements, or ambassadorships, is to pair a product with a person you know would never use it. For example, if Celebrity Slim came out with Amanda being their ambassador that would just be ridiculous, but they have Ricki-Lee Coulter (and after seeing her at RAFW last month may I say she is looking damn fine!!) which is a perfect match. Point is, I totally see Amanda using the ChapStick products and it does inspire me to want to try them. After all, isn’t that what celebrity endorsements are about?

The official quote from Amanda in regards to this campaign (taken from the press release) is:

I’m excited to work for a brand that I’ve grown up with; I’ve always been a fan of ChapStick. Even at the age of seven I was forever stealing my mum’s strawberry flavour, so it’s a brand I feel comfortable representing.

I’m on the go a lot with work, so ChapStick is the perfect product to help keep my lips moisturised and healthy looking.

That sounds truthful and relatable. I too started with the Strawberry ChapStick at about 8 years old so I like that there is some familiarity with how she feels for the brand.

May I just say bravo to Amanda, her management and ChapStick. A perfect example of sponsorship done right!


ChapStick is sold in Australia from $3.95 rrp. Check out the range here

Do you use ChapStick? Are you a fan of Amanda? Does bad celebrity endorsements get you all worked up? Let me know by commenting below!

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