There are so many options available to those with skin issues these days that it can almost be too hard to choose something. If you had eczema or dermatitis even up until 10 years ago, it was almost impossible to find daily use skincare products that wouldn’t make your skin feel like it was on fire. One brand who has been long dedicated to relieving that suffering is Comvita and their Medihoney line of products. I currently don’t suffer any particular skin problems (I used to have mild irritations) but I decided to trial the Medihoney Gentle Body Wash while experiencing a bout of itchy skin.

My Review

  • The body wash comes in a big squeeze tube and unfortunately the lid is at the base (Kimmi Pet Peeve #1). I didn’t experience any leaking with the packaging but I still don’t like it this way.
  • Obviously being a product designed for sensitive and problematic skin, there is no fragrance added to the product. It has a natural peppery scent and a little hospital like. This is definitely not a product you would use if you want a sensorial experience.
  • It is a creamy gel formula with zero lather. I found this a little displeasing because I have that mindset of ‘lather = clean’ even though I know that isn’t always the case. After using my body feels clean so obviously it did the trick.
  • After using for a week my itchy skin had seemed to have disappeared. I do not know if this is because my allergy was gone or because the body wash worked, but I do feel the body wash was relieving the itching from day 1 so it very well could have been the cure.

I think this body wash is good for those with skin allergies, sensitivities and problematic skin. It would also be good for anyone who doesn’t want a fancy smelling body wash. It is a simple, safe option for all skin types.

What Medihoney say ….

Medihoney™ Gentle Body Wash is a hydrating, soap-free formulation specifically designed for sensitive and problem skins.

One product, three actions

  • Cleanses: Gently cleanses sensitive skin.
  • Hydrates: Hydrates dry skin to help support the natural barrier properties.
  • Restores: Softly conditions and replenishes the skin.

This sophisticated soap-free formulation is specifically designed for sensitive and problem skins. It hydrates dry skin to help support natural barrier properties.

Suitable for sensitive skin including skin prone to dryness, Eczema and Dermatitis. MedihoneyTM Gentle Body Wash will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day long.

Animal Testing Policy: According to the Comvita website, Comvita® and/or partners may only test finished products on animals for reasons of human safety, medical advancement or where required by regulation(s). Wherever possible, alternative test methods are used.

Stockist Details

AUS $18.95 from Comvita

USA and UK not available at this time.


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