I am really excited to share with you this post today. While aging does enough damage to ones looks, cancer does a whole lot more. As most of you know, my mother has been sick with cancer for quite some time now, and it has definitely taken its toll on her appearance.

My mother was one of those women who never did anything to look after their skin. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Despite that, she had almost perfect skin even up until her late 40s, and she still has pretty good skin in retrospect to never looking after it, but not too long ago aging hit her like a freight train. All those years of never wearing sunblock manifested with patchy skin tone & large pigmentation spots; the skin that once sat high on her face headed south; and the soft, bright skin became scaly and dull. Add on a few years of fighting cancer, copious amounts of chemotherapy and many organs functioning incorrectly, you have yourself a withered old lady before she is even in her mid 50’s.

There are many things that can be done for a person in this situation. There are fillers, injectables and surgeries, but where do you start? After the success I have seen with DMK I was positive they would be able to do something for her. In my eyes, her wrinkles or saggyness was a lesser issue then the actual appearance of her skin. The dullness, patchiness, pigmentation all needed to be addressed before anything else. DMK felt the same and so began the treatment plan. The goal was to get her skin strong, clear and healthy. The weapon of choice is the Remodelling Procedure.

Before I show you any pictures of her please be aware that my mother HATES having her picture taken. In my opinion, I think she actually makes a concerted effort to look extra weird in photos. Clearly my model directing needs some work.

What is a Remodelling Prodecure?

“At DMK we understand that if we remove surface damage without changing the internal function of the skin, the next set of tissues to move through will be of the same poorly functioning quality. The skin needs to change its internal function in order to work optimally and that’s what DMK aims to do.

Consistent with the DMK philosophy of working with the chemistry of the body, RP treatments look at the causative factors contributing to sun damage, pigmentation and premature aging.

Sun damage, prematurely aged, dry, scaly and uneven pigmentation commonly found on the arms, backs of the hands, décolleté and legs is a sign of poor functionality within the skin. To resolve it, we need to understand what is happening for the skin to look this way.

RP is not just a peel, it’s a system based on our REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN philosophy.

Generally you will require a number of DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments prior to the RP Treatment.”

Preparing for the Remodelling Procedure

A standard preparation method for the RP peel are a series of weekly Enzyme Therapy Treatments.  It worked out well for us because I was already going weekly so it was like a little mother & daughter outing that didn’t involve doctors appointments or hospitals.

The Enzyme Therapy Treatment is a very unique type of masque, which you can read more about in my Skincare Challenge update. In combination with 4 or so weekly treatments, mom was also put on a strict at-home regimen almost identical to mine. This process is done so that the skin is at the best possibly quality before commencing with the peel. These treatments alone improved my mothers skin dramatically and got rid of a lot of the patchiness.

Two weeks before the peel, mom had to tweak her at-home regimen a little bit. Mornings remained the same, cleansing and applying lots of serums and creams, but at night time she would just cleanse her face and apply a tonne of Retosin. The Retosin has many functions but in the case of preparing for a peel, it is used to get rid of every little bit of dead skin. The downside of this product is that it is a bit sticky, it leaves your face looking orange and the smell is quite strong so after a few days of continuous use it gets a bit much. Luckily it was only at night time and it gets washed off every morning so other than that, the preparation was super easy.

I am not going to show you the pictures of her before this because I want to show you the real Before & After comparison when the process is over. It will be more fun that way!

The Big Day

The day of the peel had finally arrived and we were both very excited. Ok, maybe I was a little more excited than her but this sort of stuff just thrills me to no end.

NOTE: Click on an image to see enlarged version

Just before the RP treatment

Upon arriving the DMK beauty therapist ran through a big long document outlining exactly what the RP does, how it works and what sort of effects you can expect. The details were extremely thorough and if we had any nerves about the treatment (we didn’t) they would have been long gone after that. One important point we took away from the run through was that even though the official turn around on the RP is about 2 weeks, it actually takes about 6 months before we will see the final result. The RP is like no other peel and actually works deep down within the cells to rebuild and repair. While the results you have after 2 weeks can be great, it is best to really judge it at the 6 month mark when the skin is completely remodelled.

Before applying the peel, they cleanse the skin and take lots of photos.

The clinic takes photos to document her progress

They then apply the peel in layers. Once the first layer has sinked into the skin, they apply another, and so on. Once the skin stops absorbing the solution then they know enough has been applied. In my mothers case, she had 4 layers which took about 45 minutes to apply.

Applying the first layer

More layers go on

A fan is used to cool any stinging and help set the solution faster

Everyone has a different pain tolerance so while some may find the solution extremely stingy or burny, others can’t really feel it. My mother was the later but here is what she did manage to feel during the application:

  • A slight burning feeling began just as the second layer was being applied. She could mainly feel this on her forehead and it last for about 10 minutes.
  • Approx 30 minutes after the first layer went on there was a slight tightening feeling around the lips. Some very mild stinging was felt on her jaw line, and high up on her cheekbone near her eyes.
  • Stingy eyes after complete application finished.

To finish, a big glass of water!

The skin that is now in the process of shedding becomes extremely sensitive to the sun so it was important to stay shaded from any sunlight. I brought along a hat and sunglasses but the addition of a scarf would have been beneficial.

The first night: Skin is orange and bumpy

Day 2

The RP peel solution has to stay on for about 24 hours, so the morning after application is when it can first get washed off.

Before washing off the solution

After cleansing the normal skin regime is continued, including a mountain of sunscreen to protect it as much as possible. Here is how that went:

  • The solution washed off easily under luke warm water and gently using a bit of Milk Cleanser.
  • There was no stinging or burning during the wash off.
  • The skin felt a bit gritty and bumpy.
  • Mom was instructed to not dry her face if possible, but if she had to just to GENTLY pat it very lightly. Of course she forgot that and after jumping out of the shower she grabbed the towel and pushed it against her face. There was a whole 1 second of intense pain before she removed the towel.

With this peel you are also required to go back to the DMK clinic the next day to check how the skin is. At this stage they would hope to see a bit of redness and a little bit of flaking but if there is none of that it means you need more layers. My mother had another layer of the RP peel applied to just the outer rim of her face, and a bit on the cheeks and chin.

Having another layer applied means she has to repeat the process of Day 1, so no washing off for 24 hrs. This time she found the skin to feel much tighter than the previous night and the skin was quite warm to touch. There was also some slight stinging on the same cheekbone area near her eyes.

Day 3

As you can see by now the skin is looking much darker then her normal skin tone and showing some signs of blotchyness. The texture of her skin became a little rougher and a tad like leather. The skin again feels tighter but there is minimal redness and no flaking just yet. Applying her morning serums and creams stung more than the previous day, but the only area she could really feel it was on the cheekbones.

Day 3: Before the morning wash off

Before washing of, the skin is dry and blotchy on Day 3

Again we went in to the DMK clinic for them to check her skin. She had more photos taken and they applied their special low grade laser to help speed up the process of ‘healing’.

That night we finally saw some cracking and flaking. It was very exciting!

Let there be flaking!! Sorry about the bad lighting, it was very late at night.

I have to say that the preparation and care taken by the DMK staff just astounds me. They are so dedicated and I feel like they really treat our skin as if it were their own. I don’t think I have ever trusted a beauty therapist more in my life.

For more information on the DMK Remodelling Procedure contact your local clinic

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing this journey with you. The highs, the lows and all the pictures.

Next week we will take a look at the first ‘lift off’. I wonder how much skin will come off??

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