Nineteen days ago I started on my new skincare regime using products from Dannè Montague-King. Being almost 3 weeks into the new schedule, I thought it might be nice to update you on my progress so far.

Over this time I have been using my skin prescribed skincare products every morning and night. After the first 7 days I had some additional products thrown into the mix because I had already started to see results with the first lot of products. Here is the NEW routine

The Updated Routine

  1. Cleanse thoroughly with Milk Cleanser
  2. Apply half a pump of Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum
  3. Apply half a pump of Beta Gel
  4. Put one drop of Herbal Pigment Oil on finger, spray 4 pumps of Herb & Mineral on face then rub together around eyes.
  5. Apply a cotton tip amount of Biogen C Crème and spray 4 pumps of Herb & Mineral over the top, rub in thoroughly
  6. Apply thin layer of Solar Damage Gel
  7. Apply Trans Dermal Sunblock (Morning only)

Twice a week my night routine is modified to just cleansing with the Milk Cleanser and then applying Retosin lotion.


I have also started to go into the DMK clinic for a weekly treatment. My goal was to have IPL to remove pigment that has been creeping up over the past year. My clinic therapist, Elisha, has been so wonderful in explaining all the reasons behind pigmentation issues. In my case, it could be any number of things. Even though I avoid the sun, and wear broad spectrum sunscreen religiously, that does not guarantee I won’t get freckles, sun spots or even skin cancer (if you were not aware, I have had a Basal Cell Carcinoma already). My thinking was that if I get IPL to remove as much pigment as possible, I will have a slightly better chance of avoiding the for mentioned horrors.

Elisha explained to me there are many ways to tackle my uneven pigmented skin and she wanted to get my skin to the best possible condition before proceeding with IPL. Sounded great to me. I loved that she really cared about my concerns and didn’t just dismiss me because I am ‘young’.

Enzyme Masque

Each week for the past two weeks I have had the DMK special Enzyme Masque. I am going to do my best to try and explain this one to you because it is the most unique skin treatment I have EVER had.

The masque consists of a powder and liquid mixed together to form a very runny liquid. Elisha paints this in an upward motion starting at my decolletage, up the neck and over the face. There is a very long curing time of 45 minutes but luckily I get treated to a delightful head, arms and foot massage during that time. initially the masque remains feeling moist for what feels like the first 20 minutes. The remaining 25 minutes gets very interesting. The outer rim and areas with a thinner layer start to get dry and crackly. The areas where I have more ‘saggy’ skin such as my jawline, cheeks and forehead start to contract and it feels like my skin is being pinched together, The last 10 minutes I would have to say is the most uncomfortable. I literally feel like I am set in stone. I can’t  talk, turn my head, move in anyway … I can’t even lick my lips to stop them sticking to my teeth. Strangest feeling ever.

As soon as Elisha starts putting water on it to rinse it off it feels like heaven. I can move again!

Three days after this treatment I have to do an at home version. Using the Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel products creates a milder version of the Enzyme Masque. It still gets pretty tight but no where near as much as the clinic treatment.

Applying my peel at home. Sexy

At the 10-15 minute mark, getting a little tight

Just about to wash off after 40 mins. Look at my neck!


This past Thursday was IPL day. The strange thing with me is that no matter how badly I want something, and I have researched by butt off, I still get terrified the day of a new treatment. I mean, for years I have wanted to try IPL but when it comes to doing it I have an urge to run from the room screaming. Well this time I didn’t want to risk any tantrums, I drugged myself. Ok, I am being a little dramatic.

You see all week I had terrible IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms and was in excruciating pain anyway. Seeing as though I was taking a pain killer for that issue, I thought why not add an extra one just in case the IPL really does hurt.

It was a mute point. The IPL was barely noticeable! My first treatment was on the lightest setting the machine could do and I only had it done on my nose and the adjoining cheek area below my eyes, mostly because this is the only area I have noticeable pigmentation issues, but if it was up to me I would have my full face done.

Alicia put on a little bit of cold gel (similar to the one you have for an ultrasound) over the area. In total there would have been about 8 zaps in total. I don’t know whether I was being really brave, or the codeine was doing its job, or the IPL just didn’t hurt but either way I barely felt a thing.


Over the past couple weeks my skin has been improving immensely. As I have said before I don’t have drastic problems and most people would consider me to have perfect skin, but I noticed flaws. My biggest concerns included dehydration, red patches and pores. By using the DMK products in combination with Enzyme Masque treatment this is what I have noticed so far:

  • Scaly, dry, red patches are gone
  • Skin noticeable softer to touch
  • Colour tone evening out on the cheek area
  • Under eye darkness getting lighter on outer corners, and now more of a yellow tone instead of purple
  • Less itchy
  • Pores on my nose never have anything to squeeze out. I guess thats a good thing but I liked squeezing something. haha
  • No t-zone oilyness
  • Applying liquid make-up is easier and has a much smoother finish. I barely need to use a powder (unless I want it to last all day)
Having only had the IPL a couple days ago it is still a bit too soon to see ‘results’ as such. However, the freckles I did have on the surface have become noticeably darker which is a good sign the treatment worked. If all goes to plan, when I exfoliate my face on Monday, these dark spots should just flake off. Unfortunately my spots are just too small to get in a photo but hopefully in a couple days they will be more noticeable.
Click the photos to see the enlarged versions (it’s easier to view all my flaws that way)

My skin 19 days ago


What’s Next

Well that is where I am after 19 days. I think it has been a massive improvement and I can’t wait to see how I am in a couple more weeks. You can count on me to update you so stick around!

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