Dove Clear Touch Deodorant

My biggest concern with deodorant during winter is having one that doesn’t leave any white marks. Taking jumpers on and off means there is a lot of fabric action around the armpits, and worse still is it’s fabrics you just can’t easily get the marks off, such as knits. The solution is to use an antiperspirant that doesn’t leave white marks. Will the Clear Touch roll-on from Dove be my savior? 

My Review

  • Packaged in a smooth white plastic bottle, it ergonomically fits into your hand. The inverted packaging means the rollerball is at the base, allowing the liquid inside to always keep the ball ready to roll.
  • The lid clicks into place when closed so it doesn’t fall off in transport. It’s also a light weight package in total so it’s great choice for travelling or throwing in your handbag,
  • A thin, barely visible layer of clear liquid is applied to the skin via the rollerball. The ball is on the larger side when compared to other roll-on deodorants. It takes about 2-3 swipes to cover my armpit.
  • There are no white marks left behind when fabric comes into contact. Even when the deodorant has been on for many hours, it doesn’t flake off.
  • It works really well to keep me dry and odour free. I find I get about 12 hours before the performance starts to diminish.
  • I don’t experience any stinging when I apply this deodorant after hair removal.
  • There is a light, powdery scent that lingers but only noticeable if you actually put your nose to your armpit. It’s a gentle scent and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it if it wasn’t my job to look this closely at products.
  • My armpits do feel smooth after continued use of this antiperspirant. Dove claims it’s because of their “1/4 moisturising cream” formula, which I cannot confirm or deny as the source but I do notice my skin feels smoother.

What Dove say ….

Dove Clear Touch Roll-on stays on the skin, not on clothes. It is specially designed to give 24 hour protection while reducing white marks on clothes. It has been dermatologically tested, has a light fresh fragrance and contains 1/4 moisturising cream. The convenient and portable applicator has a larger roll ball which comfortably fits the underarm for quick and easy application.

Stockist Details

Australia $4.20 from supermarkets, pharmacies and variety stores

USA & UK – Unavailable at time of publishing. Search eBay or Amazon for sellers.

Do you use a roll-on deodorant? How do you prevent white marks? Let me know by commenting below! 

Dove Clear Touch Deodorant

According to, Dove (parent company Unilever) do test on animals.

Water, Aluminium Zirconium Pentachlorohydrate, Glycerine, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Steareth-2, Perfume, Steareth-20

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