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I went to New York to bring you some beauty street style during the glitz of Fashion Week, but at the end of it all I thought I deserved a little time out. Whether you’re travelling for work, play or purpose it’s important to take some “me” time because even holidays can be stressful. It’s in these situations that I love to head to a spa and get a relaxing treatment. For this trip to New York I wanted to tick off a very important spa that has been on my bucket list for a few years, the Red Door Spa.

The Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden is the iconic gem in the empire. If you didn’t already know, Elizabeth Arden was a pioneer in the day spa industry having opened her first on Fifth Avenue in 1910. Now there is over 30 Red Door Spa locations in the USA but their newest is located at Union Square, New York. While it’s new and shiny, I had to go give it a good run through to see if it’s up to scratch. 

The Location

Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa is located in the heart of Union Square. The two-story, 10,000 square-foot spa is reminiscent of a beautiful residential NYC townhouse. The design and decor are welcoming, purposefully compiled to be an inviting urban retreat where women (and men) can indulge, away from the hectic New York lifestyle.

The Red Door offers traditional and speed spa & salon services, as well as a beauty bar for experimenting and playing with the latest skincare, makeup products and colour trends. A hair salon for blowouts, a nail spa for manicures and pedicures, and the new Elizabeth Arden Global Flagship Boutique are all located on street level of the spa. On the lower level you’ll find the spa, complete with change rooms, waiting lounge and more treatment rooms than I could count.

Reception & Change Rooms

I entered Red Door Spa on street level and checked-in with the lovely ladies at the sales desk. They were very welcoming and escorted me down stairs to the spa reception. There is a big lift located in the middle of the building that is faced with Red Doors I may have squealed like a little girl because it looked so cool.

After checking in with the spa reception I was escorted to the change rooms/bathrooms, shown how to use the locker system and asked to change into the provided robe and slippers. The robe was what I expect from a 5-star spa – double-lined, cotton on the outside, soft terry towelling on the inside, extra big, very cuddly. It also had a Red Door embroidered on the lapel which again made me squeal a little. I love small details.

The change rooms were impressive and reflective of my 5-star spa experiences. Lots of white (benches, walls), cream (lockers) and dark accents with red furnishings. A full Elizabeth Arden makeup display is available in the bathroom for you to apply as you wish at the end of your treatment, or you can call for an expert to assist you in application (as instructed by the little card placed next to the display). Freshly rolled and piled hand towels sit next to the basins (no paper towels in this place!) and fresh, folded bath towels sit in a wooden case near the showers.

Waiting Room and Treatment Menu

After I was done exploring the glamorous change rooms I exited through the instructed door and found myself in the waiting lounge. The large room was perfectly lit, not too dark and not too bright.

The space was filled with curved, bench seating along the walls and a booth-style bench in the middle, along with small round tables and a few round ottomans. Each table has a clipboard with a spa questionnaire ready-and-waiting for guests to fill out.

The furniture was beautiful accented by throw cushions and throw rugs. I could definitely see myself setting up camp in this room during a New York Winter. It was so inviting and cozy. Along one wall is a built-in book case that housed the amenities bar – iced water jugs, glasses, tea & coffee facilities and a bowl of fresh apples.

I had pre-booked my treatment but you can browse the treatment menu while you are in the waiting lounge as well. They are a full service spa so they offer almost any treatment you can think of, but here’s the official Red Door Spa Union Square menu. In fact, I actually requested that I be booked in for a manicure after my treatment because I was feeling upset about eventually leaving the place.

My Treatment

After a week of running around New York, shlepping luggage, playing tourist and not getting enough sleep I was looking rather haggard. I needed some life restored to my dull skin and I wanted to try something I could only have done at Red Door Spa, so I picked the Red Door Signature Facial.

Our most requested treatment incorporating Miss Arden’s classic facial massage technique. Using our professionally formulated Red Door Signature products expertly selected for your needs, radiance is beautifully awakened.

After I had filled out my questionnaire I was greeted by my aesthetician, Fay, and escorted to my treatment room. The room was dimly lit and had a fresh, calming scent that grabbed me as I entered the room. Fay left me while derobbed and got comfortable on the bed, under the blanket. Fay reentered and asked me a few quick questions about what I was hoping to achieve and what kind of products I do/don’t like. She was so lovely and nurturing, I wanted to wrap her up and take her home.

Red Door Spa Union Square Treatment Room

Treatment room

From that point on things became a little blurry because as soon as Fay touched my face it was like she hit me with a magical relaxation wand. I didn’t know cleansing my face could be so relaxing but when she did it, it was. Fay did explain each step of the facial to me, telling me when she was going to apply this or that product, and what each product would do for my skin. At some point I must have fallen asleep because I’m missing chunks of memory. However, what I do remember is when it came to the end and my inner child screaming “NOOOOO!”.

Fay let me take my time getting up (and I really did take my time!) and when I had gained my composure Fay escorted me back to the waiting lounge and poured me a fresh glass of water. Once I was finally ready to leave the bliss I redressed and made my way back to reception.


The Red Door Signature Facial costs USA $140. The Red Door Spa, Union Square is located at 200 Park Avenue South, 10003 New York, NY, USA. You can book spa appointments via the Red Door Spa website.

Do you like the sound of this spa? Have you experienced anything similar? Let me know by commenting below!

According to, Elizabeth Arden do test on animals. Click through to read Elizabeth Arden’s stance on animal testing.

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