Karla Spetic essie Nails Tools

It is something I have complained about for a while, the availability of certain nail brands being restricted in Australia. Essie was one of those brands until L’Oreal acquired the company recently. Until this month Essie was only available at selected department stores, and even if you found a store that stocked the brand it was a very limited selection. Now, with the power of L’Oreal and some handshakes behind closed doors, Essie will now be stocked in over 310 Priceline stores. This is massive news for nail lovers.

Priceline is a beauty-lovers shopping heaven. While most brands are considered drugstore or pharmacy brands, the set-up and friendly service of your local Priceline is what makes us shoppers feel at home. For me personally, I think the over use of the colour pink also reels me in. A girl can’t hide her love of pink. 

With Essie now being available in Priceline, Australians will have access to the brand like never before. There is no word yet as to whether Priceline will eventually offer Essie via their online store (fingers crossed) but I think if the brand sees a rise in sales we could get lucky. The core range includes 100 nail colours (priced at AU $16.95 each) plus nail treatments (AU $17.95 each) so we are spoiled for choice. My main hope now is that we will see the new Essie colour collections arrive on our shores and hit shelves faster than previously.

Are you a fan of Essie? Would you like to see Priceline make Essie available online? Let me know by commenting below!

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