Spring Facial Hair Remover Wand Tool

Peach fuzz should be exclusive to peaches. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for me, I have that annoying fine, blonde hair (officially known as vellus hair) covering my body like most humans but luckily we no longer need to keep it. I have found a cheap, quick and easy method for removing my fine facial hair, I’m just mad I didn’t find it sooner.

If you have tried threading you’ll understand this concept easily. It’s the same thing but requires no coordination skills. It’s what I would call an easier alternative to threading with the same results. Let me tell you why EVERYONE should have a Facial Hair Remover Wand.

Fine Facial Hair Removal Tool

Facial Hair Removal Wand tool close-up

My Review

  • It’s a very simple design – a thin, springy metal coil with a plastic handle at each end.
  • To operate you do need two hands. Grip the plastic ends with each hand, bend the coil in half so that it forms an upside down U shape and your hands come together. Place the coil over your skin and rotate the two plastic ends inwards. As you keep rotating the plastic ends you will feel each tiny little hair get plucked out. I then go back over the area as I rotate the plastic ends outwards. This ensures that it gets every last hair regardless of the direction the hair grows.
  • Depending on the area of your face (or body, it works every where!) it can range from extremely painful to having no feeling at all. I found even on the most painful areas (the outer corner of my lips, for example) it took a couple of swipes and then I was basically numb to the sensation. The more you do it the less you feel it.
  • It can be time consuming but I actually found it relaxing and I think I’m becoming obsessed with it. I do it when I’m watching tv, thinking about something, sitting in traffic. It’s addictive!
  • This process is much kinder to your skin than waxing ….. or shaving (seriously, ladies, STOP SHAVING YOUR FACES). It doesn’t cause ingrowns or broken hairs, there’s no pinching, and unlike waxing it isn’t pulling on your fragile skin. No matter how dark and thick your hair is, this little tool can remove it without so much as touching the skin.

The results speak for themselves. I took an extreme macro shot of my lips to show you a before/after of using this tool. The hair shown in the photo is actually AFTER a normal lip wax and isn’t visible to the naked eye. It goes to show just how much hair can be left behind and these small hairs make a big difference to how your makeup sits and shadowing (ever think it looks like you need a wax even when you just had one, this is why).

Vellus Facial Hair Remover Wand Tool

Before using the facial hair removal wand.

Vellus Facial Hair Remover Wand Tool

After using the facial hair removal wand.

I’ve also made a quick GIF for you to get the idea.

Spring Facial Hair Remover Wand GIF

Stockist Details

You can get these little tools for just a few dollars on eBay or Amazon, or from some asian beauty stores. Tweezerman make a beautiful one that will set you back about USD $20 (available from Sephora, ULTA, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue).

Do you have peach fuzz? What’s your preferred method to remove facial hair? Let me know by commenting below!

Peach Fuzz Facial Hair Before and After

This metal tool contains no animal parts or ingredients.

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