Foreo Luna Mini Device

It only occurred to me recently that despite my numerous mentions of Foreo’s Luna devices, I hadn’t actually shared a full review. Bad blogger! After nearly a year on sale internationally, the Foreo Luna face cleansing tools finally went on sale in Australia this past March. They launched with the Luna and the Luna Mini, the latter of which I’m reviewing for you.

I chop and change which face cleansing tools I use but in the electric devices category I’ve always loved the Clarisonic. To be fair, it was a genius innovation for its time but now there is competition in the sonic face cleansing market. Can Foreo convert me to the dark side? Read on to find out.

My Review

  • The Foreo Mini is a small, handheld device that takes up very little space. I leave mine in the shower (yay for it being waterproof) but when travelling it conveniently tucks away in my toiletries bag. It’s also lightweight, much lighter than the Clarisonic Mia which I never travelled with because it weighed more than I would like.
  • With the device you also get a recharge cable with a USB connection. It comes fully charged and I’ve been using it once per day for over 3 months without having to recharge it yet. I’m amazed. Foreo say it should last about 300 uses per charge. That’s almost 1 year if used once per day!
  • Probably the most notable thing about the Luna Mini is the lack of ‘bristles’. One of the biggest points of difference between the Luna and other sonic devices is that the Luna has over 1,000 tiny silicone fingers. The nonabrasive, nonporous silicone means there is no changing brush heads and no germ build-up. The changing of brush heads was one of the expensive things about using a Clarisonic, because you need to change them every 3 months.
  • Those little silicone fingers also come in a variety of sizes for use on different skin types. On the face of the device you have small touch points for sensitive skin, and a small section above it for normal skin. On the back you have the large touch points for oily skin. I usually used the front of the device everywhere, but every second day I would use the large touch points just on my nose area to help keep blackheads away. The curve on the back of the device also makes it ideal for getting right into the spaces around your nostrils.
  • The mini is set to run for 1 minute, with a little buzz notifying you at 15 second intervals. The intervals are there so you can divide the time equally between your face zones – left cheek, right cheek, chin & nose and forehead. There is also a special ritual they recommend for using the device. Unlike brush style cleansing tools, you don’t scrub back-and-forth but rather in an upwards sweeping motion.
  • There are 2 speed settings on this device. Most of the time I used the regular option but when I had a sensitive area or a pimple I would use the gentler setting. There is no danger in using the regular one, it was just less painful going over a big, juicy pimple when it wasn’t vibrating so much.
  • Other than the unique motion of using the device, everything is really simple. You spread your face cleanser of choice onto your wet skin, wet the Luna Mini and then use. Afterwards you just rinse clean.
  • There are a few recommendations in the manual about what NOT to use with the Luna Mini, such as face cleansers with scrubbing particles or clay-based cleansers.
  • It’s also suggested you remove your makeup prior to cleansing with the Luna Mini. Of course, I tested this multiple times and I never had a problem getting my makeup off. I’d recommend removing prior to cleansing if you have a full face of makeup, just so you’re actually getting the cleansing benefits rather than just removing your makeup.
  • I definitely noticed a deep clean using this device, comparable to using the Clarisonic Mia, but this was much more gentle on my face. I was able to use this device on my dry, flaky patches when they flared up without causing irritation. My skin looked just as fresh and new using this device as it did with the Clarisonic.
Foreo Luna Mini Turquoise

Front of the Luna Mini

Foreo Luna Mini Face Cleansing Device

Back of Luna Mini

What Foreo say ….

Not only is the LUNA™ mini a seriously stylish device, it also delivers on its promises. Just 1 minute’s use morning and night will leave the skin looking naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while dirt, oil and makeup residue are driven away. Simply apply your cleanser of choice, wet the LUNA™ mini, turn it on and cleanse your way to clearer and cleaner skin.

The next big thing in skincare has arrived with T-Sonic™ technology – a radical new approach to cleansing that is both deeper and gentler at the same time. By channeling transdermal sonic pulsations across the skin’s surface, the LUNA™ mini will transform the look and feel of the skin within just 3 days. It works by cleaning pores of impurities to reduce the causes of blemishes, while smoothing and refining your skin’s texture for incredible results.

Nonporous, the LUNA™ mini keeps bacteria buildup away for a far more hygienic cleansing surface than standard sonic brushes. Each one of the LUNA™ mini’s 1,300 nonabrasive touch-points are coated with smooth silicone for cleansing that feels so good, it’s like getting a mini-facial. These touch-points are specially configured into 3 zones – so whatever your skin type, the LUNA™ mini has the answer!

With its smart, compact design, the LUNA™ mini is fully rechargeable for up to 300 beauty treatments per USB charge, so it’s perfect to take on the go. It’s also completely waterproof which means you can use it in the shower, plus there’s no need for any replacement brush heads. With a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee, there’s every reason to invest in your skin!

Stockist Details

Australia $179 from Adore Beauty

USA $139 from Sephora

UK £99 from Selfridges, Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty

Have you heard of the Luna Mini? What tool do you use to wash your face? Let me know by commenting below!

The Luna Mini is smaller than and iPhone 4S

The Luna Mini is smaller than and iPhone 4S

The Foreo Luna devices are not tested on animals.

10 10