GoodnessMe Health Food Box

I’m a little late to join the subscription box bandwagon but I’ve been enjoying exploring what is out there since the beauty box boom happened in Australia almost 2 years ago. Health and wellbeing boxes are definitely on the rise and I was excited to hear about the GoodnessMe, an Australian food sampling box focused on wholesome and natural products. The hook for me was that every product in the box is always GMO-free and that’s something I’m finding to be more and more important.

So let’s see what I got in the August GoodnessMe box and my review of the included products. 


See my first impressions and live unboxing of this health food box.

My Review

GoodnessMe August Box

Inside the August GoodnessMe box

The Chia Co

In the video you will have seen my confusion over these individually packaged shots of chia seeds but after reading the product card it made more sense. The “shots” are merely an easy way to transport when you’re on the go, as well as to make sure you get the recommended intake (2 shot packets per day). You just open one up and add it to your food as you would normally – i.e. in smoothies, on top of yogurt, mixed into salads. I quite like them in smoothies because they don’t have much taste but they pack heaps of nutrition. The packaging is great for travel.

The included recipe card has an option that includes this product.


I’m a big fan of vegan protein powders and Clean Lean Protein is one of the best. I’ve tried the natural flavour previously and it doesn’t really have a taste but I was excited to get a sample of their chocolate one too. It’s made from European Golden Peas which is far better for you than whey protein and these single serve packs are perfect for travel so I’m taking them on my next trip.

Both of the recipes in the included recipe card give you a use for this product so it’s great to have other ways I can use it.


Unlike the package suggests, ‘Sample’ isn’t the name of this product. It’s actually Gluten Free Porrij and no, I have no idea why it’s spelt like that. Strangely it’s a porridge without any oats, instead it has brown ride, millet, almonds, quinoa, amaranth, flaxseed, macadamia’s and cinnamon. I chose not to try this one because I loathe cinnamon.

The Sugar Break Up

Being vegan means I don’t consume honey so one of my favourite natural sweeteners is rice malt syrup. It’s fructose free, gluten free and of course no nasty preservatives or other bad stuff. I’m so happy i got a 500g jar of this Organic Golden Rice Malt Syrup because I’m always running low.

Both of the recipes in the included recipe card give you a use for this product so it’s great to have other ways I can use it.

The Carob Kitchen

I love the look of the Mint Banjo Bear packaging, it’s so cute and differs greatly from the carob products I used to see as a child. These actually look so cute I wanted to eat it but I was disappointed to see it contained 38% milk solids. I really wanted to try this one but being vegan means this is a no-go for me. I did have someone eat it on my behalf and they said the peppermint flavour was lovely but quite strong, and the texture was a bit dry but much nicer than other carob products they had tried previously.

Madame Flavour

I’ve seen these boxes of tea at supermarkets and I love how gourmet their flavours sound. I got three samples in my box – Mint Lavender Tisane, I didn’t try it because they are two flavours I dislike; Lemongrass, Lime & Ginger which again I didn’t try because the ginger part puts me off a little; and Raspberry Hibiscus Tisane which was absolutely delicious!

Charlies Balls

I love bliss balls so I was excited to try one of the Clean Treats from Charlies Balls. It was slightly sweet, not overly sweet and it had a great balance of flavours. It was the perfect snack to have on the run and I felt good about eating something good for me, not just a chocolate bar which is what I’d usually go for when I want a sweet snack.

Good Food For Me

A $10 voucher for this online store was a nice addition but with flat rate shipping being $12 I haven’t decided if I will use this voucher or not. They have lots of the foods I usually buy but most are easily accessible for me or cheaper on other sites so for now I’m in no rush to use this one.

GoodnessMe August Box

Contents of the August GoodnessMe box

What GoodnessMe say ….

GoodnessMe Box has been designed to get you excited about eating pure and wholesome food that is always natural and GMO-free. GoodnessMe Box is a health food sampling service. Each month, GoodnessMe Box surprises you with 5-10 health food goodies so you can get your hands on the most sought-after clean eats the world is going nuts about!

The GoodnessMe Box experience is all about discovery so each month the content of the box is a surprise. Plus, each GoodnessMe Box includes nutritional recipes. Expect to get your hands on the latest and greatest superfood, wholefood bar, nut butter, kale chips, coconut oil, herbal tea, raw chocolate, natural protein powder, gluten free muesli and more!

Our aim is to provide you food with integrity. We source only the highest quality health food brands that share our passion to provide wholesome and natural food products that are GMO-free and which are two or more of the following: Organic, sustainable, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan.

We want you to get excited about eating clean, nourishing your body with pure wholefoods and being a part of the wellness revolution!

Stockist Details

Australia $25 per month from GoodnessMe, including free shipping. The box is currently only available within Australia.

What’s your opinion of health food? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know by commenting below!

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