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As a blogger I’m often asked what my opinion is of magazines. My answer is the same as it was 10 years ago … They are vital. I wouldn’t be where I am today without magazines, and there definitely wouldn’t be The Plastic Diaries. Unless you have read the About page you probably wouldn’t know that magazines is where my life started. Not just my working life. I’m sharing this story with you to give you further insight to who I am and why I created The Plastic Diaries.

It’s easy to assume that because I write online and I’m passionate about blogging that I would think magazines are outdated but that isn’t the case. Magazines shaped my future and if you are thinking of giving a gift to a woman this year I think my story will show you why you can’t beat a magazine subscription. 

Finding My Passion

Magazines were one of my earliest guilty pleasures in life. I remember the first time I received a gift subscription to Dolly magazine. Every month I would run to my post box with excitement to extract my fresh copy, and I was always excited to see if a little gift would be included on the cover. Every now and then the gift would be makeup or nail polish and for me, that was like winning the lotto. I adored beauty products but it wasn’t something we had money to spend on when growing up. I just learnt to treasure and make good use of the items I did have.

Once I got a little older I kept Dolly in my life and welcomed other titles like CLEO, Girlfriend and the now defunct B Magazine, Smash Hits and TV Hits. It was through magazines that I learnt the world has so much to offer and I wanted to be part of an industry that shared those things. The media industry.

Magazines In My Life

Determined to enter the media industry, I was eager to do as much work experience as possible. In September 2001 I did my first work experience placement at Foxtel cable television network. It was the week of September 11. When I went in on Wednesday September 12 it became clear TV was not the place for me after experiencing the madness that ensued. I wanted to share what the world had to offer but that was not what I had in mind.

By sheer luck I managed to score some work experience at B Magazine during the following school holidays, after which I was offered to fill-in for their editorial coordinator for a few weeks while she took leave. I got to work with great people but it was the beauty cupboard that really captured my attention. I watched as their beauty editor, Rachael Mannell, picked out new products to shoot and she let me open all the packages and tidy the beauty cupboard. It was the greatest experience of my life and I didn’t want it to end so I immediately tried to get some work experience at another leading publishing house, ACP.

I did a month of work experience at Dolly Magazine and Cosmopolitan, again stalking the beauty editors as much as possible. I had found my dream job despite being just 16 years old. Luckily the editorial coordinator at the time (Sarah Tarca, the current editor of Girlfriend Magazine) thought I wasn’t a complete disaster so she put me in front of Human Resources for a position as a Business Administration Trainee. I got the job. I decided to not return to school and at the tender age of 16 became a full-time magazine girl. I spent 1 year working in every single department ACP had in their two buildings and learning all the deepest darkest secrets before settling into a publishing coordinator role. It was through all this experience that I realized I wanted to write about beauty more than anything but unfortunately it was made quite clear there was no chance of me getting a beauty writing job when I didn’t even finish year 10.

One of my many duties …. occaisional pyjama model

One of my many duties …. occasional pyjama model

It was an extremely difficult decision for me to leave the magazine world but it is that experience and inspiration that led me to create The Plastic Diaries many years later. You know the story of the plastic surgery that brought this blog to life, but it wasn’t until 2009-2010 when I had a premature mid-life crisis that I decided to make a go of my dream.

Today I still read magazines all the time. They inspire me to think back to my roots, to discover new things and to read stories I wouldn’t otherwise know about. They are my travel companion – I can’t get on a plane without one. Best of all, every now and then I get to see myself printed in one.

Appearing in magazines for a different reason now

Appearing in magazines for a different reason now

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A magazine subscription was one of the best gifts I ever received, so I am going to pass on that good deed by giving one of you lucky readers a yearly magazine subscription of your choice.

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