Sephora Australia Backlash

I’m going to come straight out and say it, Sephora really upset me over the weekend. I have been a loyal fan since discovering them on my first trip to the USA in 2002. Despite that I live in Australia I have consistently shopped there at least once each year, whether I had friends buy me stuff or I was able to be there in person. I represent just 1 of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have done the very same. We are a nation of beauty lovers and the fact is we love Sephora …. and we want to be able to access it.

For those of you who live in a country where Sephora is present, it’ll be hard to explain to you the frustration we feel. For years Sephora have teased us with rumours of opening a store in Australia or to offer international shipping. Representatives from Sephora and LVMH (the parent company) did nothing to squash these rumours, rather they remained tight lipped, which only fuelled the excitement. Every year there was a new rumour that “this will be the year” but nothing ever eventuated. Until this weekend. This weekend Sephora announced they would commence international shipping from their US online store to Japan, South Korea, UK and, shock horror, Australia. The internet exploded. 

Sephora don’t allow the use of credit cards from outside the USA and they even have a ban in place on using parcel forwarding services, so this news meant we would finally be able to purchase from them without jumping through loops of prepaid cards and using our friends as mules. For Australia, however, the excitement was short lived. Sephora rescinded on their offer of shipping to Australia within less than 24hrs and thus left a few hundred thousand Australian beauty lovers very, very angry.

Depsite my numerous requests via social media for Sephora to provide us a proper explanation, or to provide us contact information for their Public Relations team, they have refused to give any further insight. So, where to from here? I can tell you where. If you’re in Australia and you want to get your hands on the latest beauty goods, you still can.

Top 10 Beauty Stores That Ship To Australia

Here are my top 10 international online stores (in no particular order) for beauty buys that ship to Australia. These are the stores that will be getting my money until I physically visit the USA or Sephora reinstate their international shipping option to Australia.

  1. Feel Unique
  2. Look Fantastic
  3. Beauty Bridge
  4. ASOS
  6. Barneys New York
  8. Nordstrom
  9. Sigma Beauty
  10. Benefit Cosmetics

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Did Sephora’s actions upset you? Do you think I’m overreacting? Let me know by commenting below!

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