Ihana Macaron Tutti Frutti 17pc PRO Brush Set

Collecting makeup brushes is one of my guilty brushes but in all fairness, I have a use for every single one of them. In my opinion, you can never have enough makeup brushes, especially brush sets. There is something so much more special about a complete brush set. All matchy-matchy with a storage case and a spot for each one. Ahh, I love it. And that’s why I had to try a set from an Australian makeup brush company I just discovered, Ihana.

I chose to go all out with the Vegan Macaron Tutti Frutti 17pc PRO Brush Set. Check it out as I unbox my delivery and give a quick review of what’s inside. 

My Review

  • The brushes come in a mint coloured faux leather roll which is secured shut with a belt strap. I’m highly impressed with the material and I actually questioned whether it was really faux leather because it feels remarkably like real leather. It’s been used A LOT and hasn’t broken down or cracked like the cheaper faux leather brush rolls I already own. After a few months of nearly daily use there isn’t a single sign of wear & tear.
  • Inside the roll there is a zip on the far left side that opens to a pocket approximately 13cm deep. I really like this because you can store extra things you may need like sponges, brush cleanser, etc. There is also a flap that sits over the brush heads to protect them during travel.
  • There are 17 slots each filled with a brush. The pink section you see below the brushes are also slots so you actually have 34 slots to store brushes. The additional slots feel pretty tight and I didn’t think I would actually get a brush in them while brushes were in the main slots but it’s actually a bit of an illusion. I was easily able to fit more thin brushes in. It wouldn’t fit big, chunky brushes but you could remove the thinner brushes from the main slot and replace them with your other chunky brushes, moving the thinner ones to the secondary slots. Did that make sense?
  • I do find it very strange they don’t have a single foundation brush in the set but as mentioned in the video, I think it’s because of their focus on their kabuki brushes. I have the vegan kabuki as it was a gift with purchase offer at the time, but at just $19.95 each I would definitely grab more and they are easily stored in the hidden pouch in the case.
  • All the brushes are very soft and there have been no occurrences of shedding, and have looked good as new after each wash. The eye brushes have worked suitably for both powders and creams.
  • I would have liked to have a spooly brush for my eyebrows because that’s my preferred way of combing them but the brush/lash comb combo is still useful and does the job when needed.
  • The lip brush is designed for travelling but as I mentioned in the video, it can be a little annoying when in the dedicated brush slot. I actually moved this to the zippered pouch because it was much easier to access. However, I do like that the brush only extends when you insert it into the lid so there is no fiddling with getting the bristles straight when you’re trying to close it.
Ihana Vegan Macaron Tutti Frutti 17pc PRO Brush Set

Ihana Macaron Tutti Frutti 17pc PRO Brush Set

What Ihana say ….

Get total control of your makeup universe with the Ihana 17-piece compact professional Vegan brush set. Anyone from amateur makeup artists to seasoned pros can achieve the precision, detail, and flawless finishes they want with this collection of professional beauty tools. Each brush in this comprehensive set features high-quality synthetic hair, delivering reliable powder retention and even coverage and making this kit a completely vegan choice. An embossed code on each brush lets you know the function of each brush and helps keep you organized, while the faux leather, easy-fold design of the case makes toting this set anywhere a breeze.

Size: 23cm x 9cm diameter (closed); 44cm x 23cm (open)

Hair: Highest Quality Vegan (Synthetic) Hair

Ferrule: Aluminium

Handle: Bamboo with Silver Detail

Stockist Details

Australia $109.95 from Ihana

USA & UK – International shipping available from Ihana

Do you have a favourite brush set? Which synthetic brushes do you use? Let me know by commenting below!

Ihana Vegan Macaron Tutti Frutti Makeup Brushes

Ihana Macaron Tutti Frutti makeup brushes

Ihana sells makeup brushes made of natural (animal) hair and synthetic hair (vegan-friendly).

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