Inside Out Original Almond Milk

I switched from dairy milk to almond milk long before I became vegan. Dairy would make me feel ill and almond milk became widely available so it was an easy switch. The only problem was I absolutely loved the taste of cow milk. To even write that now makes me feel queasy but it’s true, I loved it. When you move to almond milk there is a noticeable change in taste and texture. I got used to it fairly quickly but I lost the desire to sit down with a glass of cold milk and a biscuit. It wasn’t the same, and I put this down to it just being almond milk.

What I have learnt recently is that almond milk alone did not cause this, it was actually just long-life almond milk. Inside Out’s Original Almond Milk is a fresh milk. You buy it from the cold section, just like you buy cows milk at the supermarket from a refrigerator. It could change your world and my review reveals why. 

My Review

  • The most noticeable thing about this almond milk is that it’s fresh. It’s cold, in the fridge and looks like what we are used to with dairy milk.
  • Clear 1litre bottles show the white milk looks the same as dairy. It doesn’t appear watery, pale or slightly brown like some almond milks.
  • It’s available in an unsweetened variety but the Original is sweetened with Natvia. This impresses me because it means the milk remains wholesome and isn’t ruined with sugar or artificial additives. Natvia is a 100% natural sweetener that is sourced from the Stevia plant. The unsweetened is my preference for cooking but for drinking/eating cold I like the sweetened.
  • Like all nut milks, the instructions say to shake the product well before use. I find you only need to give it a good shake the first time you open it and then it stays mixed. I’ve never needed to reshake it.
  • The texture is incredibly similar to cows milk. If you had put a glass of dairy and a glass of Inside Out in front of me and removed the taste, I would be unable to tell the difference based on texture alone. It’s creamy but not thick, and it has that thirst-quenching freshness.
  • Taste is the standout for me. On a scale of almond milk taste to cow milk taste I find it to sit about a third of the way closer to cows milk. This is a big positive to me because I liked that full-flavoured taste of cows milk but hate everything else about it (as does my body).
  • For the first time since becoming vegan I’ve found a milk that I actually want to drink from a glass and have on my cereal. It’s also incredible in cooking, especially porridge.
  • Inside Out’s fresh almond milk isn’t just a dairy alternative in my opinion. It’s a premium product that would be enjoyed by anyone, not just the health or eco conscious. I would describe it as a delicious everyday product that just so happens to be really good for you.
Fresh Raw Almond Milk

Inside Out – Original Almond Milk

What Inside Out say ….

To ensure you consume the best tasting and most nutritious almond milk on the market, we source locally grown almonds of the highest standard, and then activate and cold-press them in small batches. We also implement High Pressure Processing (HPP) – which applies pressure equivalent to 6 times that of the deep sea – to kill all nasties without nutrient-damaging heat-treatment. The result of our unique manufacturing method is a fresher, creamier and more flavoursome almond milk. So if you can’t taste the almonds… you’re nuts!

The original variety is naturally sweetened with a 100% natural sweetener called Natvia  and is for those who like things a touch sweeter.

Stockist Details

Prices vary between stores but I’ve paid between $7 and $9.20 per bottle. Distribution is currently limited to select farmers markets, health food stores and cafes in Sydney, Australia – find one near you.

Do you drink almond milk? Are you interested in dairy-alternative products? Let me know by commenting below!

Fresh Sweetened Almond Milk

Inside Out – Original Almond Milk

This is a vegan product

Filtered water, almonds, sea salt and natvia

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