Yesterday I attended the IMATS expo in Sydney which has only come to Australia for the second time after a successful launch last year. IMATS is a hugely successful event that has been running in Canada, the USA and UK for years so it is great they have included our little old country in their tour of duty. IMATS is held six times a year with the lucky cities including Vancouver, Toronto, London, New York and Los Angeles.

The expo is far smaller then its similar yet different trade shows like the Hair Expo or International Spa & Beauty Expo. IMATS is purely for make-up professionals and I am not talking about your bridal or editorial stuff, although that is obviously covered off. I am talking serious special effects, prosthetics, full body art and other crazy stuff. You see, I have always had this desire to want to be a special effects make-up artist. Playing with all the blood and gore, creating something dramatic out of nothing, it is just so intriguing to me. On the other hand, I LOVE everyday make-up too. It could be a glamour look, casual, daring, bridal, futuristic, ANYTHING and I love it.

I learnt some handy tips that I didn’t already know, and like any beauty lover, I made a few purchases. I will share all of that with you very soon in some dedicated blog posts! You may even get a special treat ;), but what I really wanted to show you now is some of the cooler things I saw that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

So here is some prosthetics and ‘skin’ they sell at the show. There are lots of exhibitors who offer the cool special effect make-up and as you can see it is easy to buy a scar, wound, melted skin, etc.

Body FX Prosthetic Display at IMATS Sydney 2010

Body FX Prosthetic Display at IMATS Sydney 2010

Every stand, brand and make-up school had wonderful make-up artists showcasing their talents. It all made me very envious. I wish I had talent like that. Oh, and a steady hand as you can probably tell from my terribly shaky photos.

Scotty's make-up artist applies scars and cuts to model.

Completely airbrushed at the Academy of Make-Up stand

'Safety Pin Face' created by the Temptu PRO artists at HUB Makeup

Lastly we have this years Make-Up Museum which was curated by Adam Johansen of Odd Studio. The museum includes pieces from some of the biggest names in Special Effects. Personally I found a lot of the pieces terrifying or extremely disturbing.

A headpiece from short film Diamond Bay

Alien heads from television show "Eddy's Place In Space"

Silicone pregnant lady prop complete with pubic hair!

Silicone Torso wit Stab Wound

An assortment of scary beings

More freaky creations from Odd Studio


IMATS is on again today from 10am at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour. Tickets cost AU $40 at the door and you don’t need to register or show any credentials. Just rock up and throw them some money.

All the information on IMATS Sydney 2010 and the other IMATS events can be found on the official website.

What do you think of the museum pieces? Any thoughts on the IMATS show? Comment below!

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