I don’t think I have mentioned this yet, but this year seems to be the one I have missed out on my beloved activity of sleeping. I love sleeping. I can’t think of a better pass time. If you can keep it between you and me, I actually like sleeping more than playing with make-up or dreaming about what cosmetic procedure I want. Well, actually, I usually combine the two. Most of my sleeping dreams involve going under the knife or shopping in Sephora. Wow, reading that back almost makes me realise I am shallow ….. key word was ALMOST.

My sleeping issues seem to be plain old insomnia. I am tired during the day, and if I have the chance to nap I fall asleep very quickly, but when night time roles around I am wide awake. My body is exhausted but my mind is still racing with a million things. So not cool.

I remember ages ago, I was seeing the ads for Johnson’s Baby Bed Time Bath. It was genius. A bath wash that could be used during their nighttime bath, that relaxes them and helps them go to sleep. I so wanted to try it, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy a body wash for babies and I didn’t think it would pack enough punch to work on a fully grown adult (albeit a very short one, but still!). When I found out that Johnson’s did actually have an adult version I felt quite the idiot. All along the Dreamy Skin range was ready and waiting.

All the Dreamy Skin products include Johnson’s specially developed Aromasoothe® formula with Moonflower. There are three products in the range, Body Wash, Body Lotion and Creamy Bath, all designed for night time use.

Body Wash

What I Say ….

I tried out the Body Wash and Body Lotion. The Creamy Bath is like a bath soak which would have been really difficult for me because I don’t have a bath tub. The body wash is very creamy and did lather slightly. I use a rough natural fibre loofah in the shower and I find that it prevents a lot of lathering, so you might find it lathers a lot more if you use a regular sponge or just your hands.

The scent is really lovely. It is quite feminine and in terms of floral I would say it is more like a Violet than a Rose. It is sweet without being in your face. There is also a hint of Lavender according to the ingredients but I can’t really smell that. Lavender has been known to cause my skin to become really itchy and since using this product I haven’t noticed increase much. I am thinking the amount of Lavender in it is minimal, which is great in my books.

The body lotion again is creamy and packs the same scent. The formula spreads really easily and once its warmed up it sinks into the skin quickly. There is no oily or sticky residue left behind but the scent really does linger. I personally like the scent so it doesn’t bother me for a night time lotion but if you don’t like it than you probably wouldn’t want it hanging around while you try to get to sleep.

In regards to it’s powers of dreamy-ness, I found it to be a relaxing scent. It definitely works at calming your senses a bit. I don’t know if my brain is just too powerful to let it do its thing or not, but for me it hasn’t helped with my insomnia just yet. However, it has helped me be less of a cranky bitch when I am lying in bed trying to switch my brain off.

Even if it doesn’t do anything (and I think it does), I still like it for the scent and the formula. Oh, and if you have a bit of trouble calming yourself down each night before bed maybe give this a shot. A warm, fragrant bath could be just the trick!

What Johnson’s Says ….

Johnson’s Dreamy Skin Body Range moisturises skin with vitamins and skin conditioners. It contains Aromasoothe®, a blend of Moonflower and Lavender, designed to help calm and relax the senses for a better night’s sleep.

Body Lotion


Body Wash AU $8.99 rrp for 750mL
Body Lotion AU $8.99 rrp for 750mL
Creamy Bath AU $5.98 rrp for 400mL

Available from supermarkets and selected pharmacies.

This range is available in the USA under the name Johnson’s ‘Melt Away Stress’. You can view all the info on the US version on the website

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