Lash Closet Eyelashes Haul
Beauty subscription services are a trend that has now been going for well over 12 months. It shows no sign of slowing down but what’s great to see happening currently is the rise of unique offerings, such as Lash Closet. This may not be a beauty service everybody would find useful or interesting but if you use false lashes you’ll know how quickly you can go through them.

Let me introduce you to the incredibly smart concept from Lash Closet, an online store dedicated to eyelashes.


See my first impressions and live unboxing of this beauty box.

My Review

  • The option to pick the exact items you wish to have delivered every month is a god send. I love individuals, which are really difficult to remove cleanly and keep for reuse. As mentioned in my video, I’m also keen to practice strips so this way I can customise my box as I get more comfortable with using the various styles.
  • The service is unique and I’ve been unable to find anyone that offers something similar. I believe it would be of great use to makeup artists, beauty students and regular users of false lashes.
  • All the brands available are big, trustworthy brands that you’re probably already paying top dollar for – Ardell, Duo, Japonesque, Eylure and more.
  • They have some of the lowest prices I’ve found for lashes. My Ardell DuraLash individuals cost just US $3.49 a packet and they ship internationally to most countries outside of the USA for a flat-rate cost of US $15.08.

Stockist Details

Subscription boxes and individual items are available to purchase from Lash Closet.

How often do you use false eyelashes? Have you found a similar service for other beauty products? Let me know by commenting below!

Lash Closet Eyelashes Haul

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